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    show the difference to me............

    can anyone please show pictures that display the difference btw normal and hdtv picture quality?

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    Unless you have an HDTV, you really can't see the difference at all due to the higher resolutions the images are in.

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    no matter what unless you have hd now you cant see it. basicaly because taking a pic from hd wont change the pic making it the same exact thing you see on regular. get it?

    see take pic 1 on reg then take it on hd and call it pic 2 put pic 2 on reg. and it looks the same as pic 1 because its still the same thing just your reg cant see the details of a hd.

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    I found these 2 pictures. This gives you a rough view of how the TV refreshes itself every FPS.

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    Perfect Sin. . .the NTSC picture looks so exaggerated; Whenever I see comparison shots between HD, and standard definition, They always show like, HUGE scan lines on the SD set. . .I don't notice the scanlines on my 36" Toshiba unless i'm RIGHT up against the screen, and we all know that's bad for your eyes, anyways.

    And darkswordsman: Just so you know, unless you're willing to pay at least 2,000 dollars for an HD, you're going to get a really crappy picture. Whenever people mention affordable HDs (below 1,200 dollars US), they're:

    A) EDTV, not even HD
    B) plagued with bad color. In reviews i've read for a $650 Phillips HD, people complained that skintones in movies have a purplish tone to them, even after adjusting the color on the set.
    C) Bad response time. In all the sub-1,200 dollar LCD monitors/TVs, you're going to get a 16-25 millisecond response time. That means if you plan on gaming with it, you're going to notice alot of ghosting. I've also heard from peopel who bought affordable HDs that when they're watching the news, fo rexample, you see the ghosting on their lips, so their mouth isn't entirely moving in time with what they're saying.

    Mind you, if you pay 2,000-3,500 dollars, you can get a really nice HD set, with an image that's really good, but I feel that HD sets are still way too expensive for the average consumer at this time.

    Also, i've heard that both Blu-ray and HD-DVD won't even display real HD if you don't have a set with HDMI. . .it purposely downscales to 960 x 540, so be careful.

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    720p on left 480p on right

    480p on left 1080i on right

    Standard 480i left 720p on right

    Here are some good shots of standard DVD vs HD.
    Just rest the pointer over each photo to see the difference

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    I think you should put a 56k warning up, I got to say HDtv does look better I,m buying one after I get my PS3 just to make sure I don't waste my money.

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