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Thread: E3 Countdown

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    E3 Countdown

    I know it's still far but not to far , the E3 is getting closer there are less than 2 months and these forums are going to explode full of all kind of news and info about the next-gen consoles I want this forum to be the one where we'll put everything about them (specially PS3) , so... everytime we get some fresh news post it here.

    So far i've found this:

    " The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3Expo), the world's premier computer and video game trade event, has sold out of exhibit space for this year's show, making 2005 the fastest sell-out in five years. The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) announced today that to date, E3Expo 2005 has sold more than 540,000 net square feet of exhibit space covering five exhibit halls in the Los Angeles Convention Center, the largest amount of space sold since 2000.

    "E3Expo 2005 brings us to the threshold of a new era of creative and technological innovation for the global computer and video game business, providing first looks at the next generation of hardware and previews of the advanced titles and technologies that consumers will be bringing home this holiday season," said Douglas Lowenstein, president of the ESA, the trade association that represents U.S. computer and video game publishers and owns E3Expo. "With a show floor the size of 2,700 city blocks, an unparalleled business conference program, and more than 400 exhibitors from 87 countries, E3Expo is truly the best place on the planet to get down to the business of fun."

    E3Expo 2005 will offer an unparalleled panel of 150 industry leaders who will share their knowledge during 34 educational conference sessions and workshops. E3Expo, now in its eleventh year, is scheduled to take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center on May 17-19 for conference program and workshops, and May 18-20 for exhibits.

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    I will be there for entire show, as I have been for past couple. I will be taking pictures and video and our group (@[email protected]) will have an E3 website after I get back that I will put up.
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    I finally got my pass into E3...only took me a few months Anyway...I'll be there bringing up to date coverage on the next gen. systems and so on. Ill hopefully find a host that will host my video feedback.
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    Get some pics of Xbox2 :P pretty plz.. j/k im sure ever single space on the internet will have pics and videos and information that whole time period...

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    Ill be spanning every side of the next gen. consoles...Ill have about 30 mintue segments on each interview and unvailing...ahh got to love being able to do this kinda stuff...
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    so you are some of the lucky guys that will be in the show!!!
    I hope both of you ( PS gamer , DezNutz )are very generous and share all the things that you'll see and maybe (if lucky enough) play on these consoles

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    Quote Originally Posted by bustabusta196
    Get some pics of everything PS3 :P pretty plz.. j
    There we go.

    I really mean it, I could care less about the other ones (Well, the Revolution does interest me a little bit), I want every little detail about the PS3, pics, impressions, interviews, developer quotes, anything you can find. I'm dying from the lack of PS3 information....

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    i think they'll also cover this on g4tv
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    More than likely.

    Last year I found the best 3 sources for E3 news to be (in order of my percieved quality)

    IGN Insider (not everything was on basic, with just basic it sucked)
    G4TV and On Demand (without the on-demand I would have missed a lot)
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    Quote Originally Posted by DezNutz
    I will be there for entire show, as I have been for past couple. I will be taking pictures and video and our group (@[email protected]) will have an E3 website after I get back that I will put up.
    You gotta fill us in on all the little details that the big guys (Gamespot, IGN, gamespy, etc...) miss!

    I know another guy who's going, and I told him to take a picture of Bill Gates or Ballmer when Sony unveils the PS3 (as a joke, of course ).
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    I highly doubt Bill or Steve will be there.

    They seem to have no problem trusting JAllard with running the show.

    On a side note, if one does show up I hope it is Steve. He always puts on a good show and does a great job of getting people excited. Bill, well he just kinda goes up on stage and talks. Then he leaves.
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    I can't wait until the E3! I hope to hear every detail about the ps3 on this site. This is one of the best sites I have visited, if not the best. Don't you guys hold anything back here, tell us everything!!!
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    here have a line up list of most of the companies that will be showing their new games there:

    Exhibitor List
    Company Name --->Hall--->Booth
    • (game)land Kentia 7608
      1C Kentia 6059
      2K Games South 968
      3001 AD, LLC Kentia 6537
      A.L.S. Industries, Inc. West 2908
      Absolute Quality West 2400
      Activision Publishing, Inc. South 308A
      Activision Publishing, Inc. Concourse 403B
      Activision Publishing, Inc. South 1224
      Adrenaline Corp. Kentia 6742
      Adventure Company, The West 2472
      Aerosoft GmbH Kentia 6015
      Ageia Technology Inc. Kentia 6347
      Agetec, Inc. West 2660
      Akella Kentia 6459
      Aladdin Knowledge Systems Kentia 6653
      Alchemic Dream Kentia 6945
      Alias West 501C
      Alliance Distributors Kentia 6415
      Alliance NumeriQC West 2108
      Apple Computer Concourse 5012
      Arc-9 Interactive Incorporated West 2108
      Arnold Logistics Kentia 6743
      Ascaron Entertainment GmbH Kentia 6015
      Ascaron GmbH Concourse 402B
      ATARI Petree 4003
      ATI Technologies Inc. Kentia 6823
      ATI Technologies Inc. Kentia 6827
      ATI Technologies Inc. South 600
      Atlus U.S.A., Inc. West 514
      Auran Games Pty Ltd. 2240 West
      Australia Games West 2240
      Australian Simulation Control Systems Kentia 6437
      Azuradisc Repair Machines Kentia 6714
      Azuradisc Retail Products Kentia 6749
      Babel Media Ltd. West 2316
      Backbone Entertainment Kentia 6937
      Bandai Games Inc. West 2216
      Bert-Co Kentia 7509
      Bethesda Softworks, Inc. West 517
      Bethesda Softworks, Inc. West 2352
      Beyond FX West 2108
      bhv Software GmbH & Co. KG Kentia 6015
      BigWorld West 2240
      Binary Star Limited Kentia 7614
      BioWare Corporation West 2466
      Bizi Pty Ltd West 2240
      Blaze Games Ltd. West 2316
      Blitz Games West 2316
      Blizzard Entertainment 1200 South
      Blue Sphere Games Ltd. West 2316
      BradyGames West 2608
      Brighter Child Canada West 2108
      British Gaming Village Kentia 6207
      Buena Vista Games South 900
      Bug-Tracker West 2108
      Buka Entertainment Kentia 6137
      Bullant Studios West 2240
      Canada Pavilion West 2108
      CAPCOM South 302
      CAPCOM South 1324
      CDV Software Kentia 6953
      CDV Software Kentia 6957
      Cenega Publishing West 2152
      Central Games Corp. Kentia 6700
      CH Products Kentia 6253
      China National Publications Kentia 6716
      Cityhero Digital Entertainment Kentia 6607
      Clear-Vu Kentia 6753
      CMY Multimedia Kentia 6718
      Codemasters Kentia 7037
      Codemasters Kentia 7041
      Codemasters Kentia 7043
      Codemasters Kentia 7045
      Codeplay Software Limited West 2400
      Codeworks GameHorizon West 2316
      COKeM International, Ltd. Concourse 5006
      Compedia Kentia 6705
      Computer Games Magazine Kentia 6703
      Constant Electronics Co., Ltd. Kentia 6621
      Cosmi Corporation Kentia 6221
      Cosmi Corporation Kentia 6826
      Crave Entertainment South 996
      CREO Kentia 6760
      Creon Digital Ltd. Kentia 6207
      Criterion Software West 518
      CyberPlanet Interactive Co., Ltd. Kentia 6752
      D&H Distributing Kentia 6836
      Deepsilver South 724
      deset GmbH Kentia 6015
      Diamond Comic Distributors Kentia 6639
      Digital Bridges West 2672
      Digital Design Studio West 2400
      Digital Innovations Kentia 7038
      Digital Innovations Kentia 6939
      Digital Jesters Ltd. West 2316
      Digital Leisure West 2108
      Digital River, Inc. Kentia 7026
      DIOsoft Kentia 6747
      Disc Go Technologies Kentia 7504
      Disc Repair Services Kentia 7510
      Discreet Concourse 5018
      Dolphin Electronic Co. Ltd. Kentia 6715
      DreamCatcher West 2472
      dreamGEAR, LLC West 2140
      dtp Entertainment AG Kentia 6015
      Dynamo Games West 2400
      E-Game For Less Kentia 7517
      Easy Fun Entertainment Kentia 6021
      ECD Systems, Inc. Kentia 6453
      Edge of Reality Kentia 6943
      EEEZEE Products Kentia 6501
      eGames Kentia 6808
      eGames Kentia 6810
      Eidos, Inc. South 303A
      Eidos, Inc. South 309
      Electric-Spin Corp. Kentia 6710
      Electro Source, LLC West 505
      Electronic Arts Concourse 402A
      Electronic Arts Concourse 403A
      Electronic Arts South 1000
      eMagin Corporation Kentia 6722
      Emplast Inc. Kentia 7502
      Empower Technologies Kentia 6759
      Encore, Inc. West 501A
      Encore, Inc. West 501B
      Enlight Interactive Inc. West 2576
      Entertainment Liquidators of Canada Kentia 7616
      Enzyme Testing Labs West 2108
      EPL Interactive Kentia 7621
      EPL Interactive Kentia 7623
      eReal Games Kentia 6215
      ESEL International Co. Ltd. Kentia 7518
      Etranges Libellules Kentia 6838
      Eutechnyx Limited West 2316
      Exent Technologies Kentia 6811
      Exent Technologies Kentia 6809
      Exit Games Kentia 6015
      F4G Software plc West 2400
      Farlan Entertainment Kentia 6001
      Fatal1ty West 2228
      Fire International Ltd. Kentia 6207
      Fireglow Ltd. Kentia 6723
      Firemint West 2240
      Fogware Publishing Kentia 6903
      Freeset West 2108
      Front Electronics (H.K.) Ltd. Kentia 6619
      Funcom West 2208
      Future Games West 504
      Fuzzyeyes Studio West 2240
      G.A.M.E. Bundesverband Kentia 6015
      Game Developer Magazine Kentia 6819
      Game Developer Magazine Kentia 6821
      Game Factory Inc., The Kentia 7047
      Game Factory Interactive Kentia 6515
      Game Infinity South 624
      Game Informer Magazine Kentia 6802
      Game Instinct Kentia 7601
      Game Net, LLC Kentia 6756
      Game Source, Inc West 2573
      GameDaily Kentia 6954
      GameDaily Kentia 6956
      Gamefederation Kentia 7061
      Gameloft West 2577
      GamePort Kentia 7156
      Games for Windows Kentia 6919
      Games for Windows south 1068
      GameSpot West 2808
      Gamester Concourse 405
      GameTronics Kentia 6625
      Gamigo Online Entertainment Kentia 6315 Kentia 7513
      GC Games Convention Kentia 6015
      GeoLogistics Americas Inc. Kentia 6609
      Germany, Federal Republic of Kentia 6015 Kentia 6740
      Gizmondo South 1078
      Global Fun Kentia 7057
      Global Video Games Kentia 6717 Kentia 6447
      GOPRO (International) Ltd. Kentia 6643
      Griffin International Co.'s Kentia 6818
      Groove Games West 2108
      GSP Ltd. Kentia 6207
      Guangzhou Jetion Computech Co. Ltd. Kentia 6201
      Guru Gaming Inc. Kentia 6661
      Hash, Inc. Kentia 6711
      Havok Kentia 6803
      HD Interactive B.V. Kentia 7002
      Hip Interactive, Inc. Concourse 5013
      Honey Bee Electronic Int'l Kentia 7525
      Hong Kong Pavilion Kentia 6353
      Hori (U.S.A.), Inc. Kentia 6817
      Hotseat Chassis, Inc. Kentia 6719
      Hyperkin Kentia 6401
      I.C.E. Kentia 6704
      iBeta Quality Assurance Kentia 6727
      IC CAVE West 2400
      IDIGICON Kentia 7519
      iFone Ltd. Kentia Wireless Zone
      IGN Entertainment West 503
      IGN Entertainment Concourse 150C
      IMAGETECH CO., LTD Kentia 6021
      IN-FUSIO West 3001
      Inoveris Kentia 6947
      Intel Concourse 153C
      Internap Network Services Kentia 6405
      InterServ International Inc. Kentia 6021
      InterServ International Inc. West 2473
      inXile entertainment Kentia 6910
      Iqbal & Sons Games Kentia 6645
      IR Gurus Interactive Pty Ltd West 2240
      Isle of Man - Ctr for Interactive Entertainment Kentia 6849
      IT GlobalSecure, Inc. Kentia 6736
      ITE APS Kentia 6737
      ITT Technical Institute Kentia 6657
      J.F.J. Disc Repair Kentia 7514
      Jabra Kentia 7625
      JAMDAT Mobile West 2116
      JAMDAT Mobile West 2572
      JoWooD AG South 724
      JOYTECH Kentia 7021
      JOYTECH Kentia 7120
      JOYTECH Kentia 7023
      JungleTac Interactive Co., Ltd. Kentia 6602
      Kemco Kentia 6853
      Kemco Kentia 6857
      Kheops Studio Kentia 6839
      KOEI Corporation West 2508
      Konami Digital Entertainment South 800
      Konami Digital Entertainment South 301A
      Konami Digital Entertainment South 301B
      Krome Studios 2240 West
      Kukan Studio West 2240
      Kutoka Interactive Kentia 7512
      Lager Interactive Inc. Kentia 6021
      LASR Accessories Kentia 6804
      Learn By DVD Ltd. Kentia 6647
      Legacy Interactive Kentia 6842
      Load Inc. Kentia 6839
      Logitech South 1500
      Looking Glass Networks Kentia 6745
      LTB Audio Systems, Inc. Kentia 7604
      LucasArts Concourse 153A
      LucasArts Concourse 153B
      Macrospace Ltd. West 2316
      Macrovision Corporation Kentia 6915
      Macrovision Corporation Kentia 7014
      Macrovision Corporation Kentia 7016
      Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. West 513
      Magix Entertainment Corp. Kentia 6961
      Magma Digital Kentia Wireless Zone
      Majesco South 846
      ManagerZone Kentia 7057
      Marjacq Micro Ltd. Concourse 5000
      Massive Incorporated Kentia 6854
      Massmulti Interactive Kentia 7511
      Mastertronic Group Ltd. West 2316
      Mayflash Limited Kentia 6758
      McCabes West 2400
      Medialocate USA Kentia 6655
      Metrowerks Kentia 7136
      Microsoft Corporation South 305
      Microsoft Corporation South 304C
      Microsoft Corporation South 1246
      Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd. West 2800
      Midway Petree 4001
      Mind Candy Ltd. West 2316
      Mistic Software Inc. West 2108
      MonsterGecko, LLC Kentia 6047
      Monte Cristo Games Kentia 7015
      Monte Cristo Games Kentia 7017
      Monte Cristo Games Kentia 7019
      Mythic Entertainment Concourse 5001
      N Content Inc. Kentia 6721
      Namco Hometek, Inc. South 824
      Natsume South 996
      Navarre Corporation Kentia 6914
      Navarre Corporation Kentia 6916
      Navarre Corporation Kentia 6920
      Navarre Corporation Kentia 6922
      NCsoft Concourse 409A
      NCsoft Concourse 409B
      NCsoft South 1024
      Neko Entertainment Kentia 6839
      Netdragon Websoft Inc. South 300
      Nevrax West 2900
      Nintendo of America Inc. West 510
      Nintendo of America Inc. West 2816
      Nokia N-Gage South 1524
      NovaLogic, Inc. West 507
      Novint Technologies Inc. Kentia 6800
      Noviy Disk Kentia 6503
      NubyTech Inc. Kentia 6053
      NVIDIA South 346
      NWNT Kentia 6738
      Nyko Technologies West 516
      Nyko Technologies West 2408
      Octagon Entertainment Inc. Kentia 6925
      Orange Kentia Wireless Zone
      Pacific Games Inc. Kentia 7620
      PAN Vision Kentia 7022
      Peer 1 Network Kentia 6659
      Pelican West 505
      Pelican West 506
      Perforce Software Kentia 6623
      Philips Accessories Kentia 6147
      Phoenix Games Kentia 7506
      Planeta DeAgostini Interactive Kentia 6009
      Planetwide Games Kentia 6547
      Playlogic International West 2340
      Playseats Kentia 6359
      Poso Media LLC Kentia 6741
      Prima Games West 2500
      QMotions, Inc. Kentia 6521
      Quazal Technologies Inc. West 2108
      Radica USA Concourse 405
      Radical Entertainment South 1200
      Ratbag Pty Ltd West 2240
      Razer Inc. Kentia 6259
      Real Time Worlds Ltd West 2400
      Rebellion West 2316
      Red Mile Entertainment Kentia 6936
      Red Mile Entertainment Kentia 6940
      Renu-a-Disc Kentia 6726
      Resolution Interactive Kentia 7152
      Rondomedia GmbH Kentia 6015
      RTI/DiscChek Kentia 7610
      RxTxTech Limited West 2316
      Saitek Kentia 6037
      San Disk Corporation Kentia 7008
      Sapphire Marketing Europe Ltd. Kentia 6207
      Sarbakan Inc. West 2108
      Scanavo Ltd. Kentia 6637
      Schanz Consultants & Interactive Kentia 6837
      Schooner Productions West 2108
      SCi Games West 2477
      SCi Games West 2316
      Scottish Development International West 2400
      SDW Games Kentia 6746
      SecuROM West 519
      SEGA of America South 924
      Selectsoft Publishing Kentia 6859
      Sennari Kentia Wireless Zone
      Serious Games Initiative Kentia 6861
      Shenzhen Oriscape Electronics Co. Ltd. Kentia 7628
      Siemens AG Kentia 6744
      Sierra Entertainment, Inc. South 1200
      Skyworks Kentia 6615
      SN Systems Kentia 6815
      SoftTrading USA Kentia 7042
      Software Logistics Inc. West 2108
      Software Unlimited Kentia 7611
      Solar Communications Kentia 6757
      Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc. West 512
      Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc. West 515A
      Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc. West 2416
      Sony Online Entertainment South Hall 946
      SpectraVideo PLC Kentia 7630
      SpeedTree Kentia 7501 Assoc. of Swedish Game Developers Kentia 7053
      Spherex Inc. Kentia 6247
      Square Enix Inc. South 303B
      Square Enix Inc. Concourse 401
      Square Enix Inc. South 746
      Star Force Kentia 7522
      Strategic Marketing Partners South 946
      Studio Moshi Pty Ltd. Kentia 6701
      Stuff Magazine Kentia 7613
      Sunflowers GmbH Concourse 402B
      Superscape West 2100
      SVG Distribution South 996
      Sweden At E3 Kentia 7053
      Sweden at E3 Kentia 7057
      Sweden at E3 Kentia 7061
      Sweden at E3 Kentia 7152
      Sweden at E3 Kentia 7156
      TAB Distribution Kentia 7605
      TAITO Corporation West 2566
      Taiwan Games Pavilion Kentia 6021
      Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. Concourse 150A
      Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. Concourse 150B
      Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. South 324
      Tantalus Interactive West 2240
      Tech Excel Kentia 6504
      Techland West 2128
      Tecmo West 2328
      THQ, Inc. South 308B
      THQ, Inc. South 1046
      THX Ltd. Kentia 6926
      Tips & Tricks Magazine Kentia 6848
      Tooned In, Inc. Kentia 6649
      TOPICS Entertainment Kentia 6321
      Torus Games West 2240
      Track7 Ltd. Kentia 6559
      Tru Blu Entertainment West 2240
      Trymedia Systems Kentia 6942
      Turbine West 2666
      Turtle Beach Kentia 6909
      U.S. Army South 1608
      U.S. Games Distribution, Inc. Kentia 6708
      Ubi Soft Entertainment South 304A
      Ubi Soft Entertainment South 304B
      Ubi Soft Entertainment South 1300
      UBIFRANCE Kentia 6840
      UBIFRANCE Kentia 6838
      UBIFRANCE Kentia 6845
      UBIFRANCE Kentia 6843
      UBIFRANCE Kentia 6841
      UBIFRANCE Kentia 6839
      UBIFRANCE Kentia 6847
      UBIFRANCE Kentia 6946
      UCC Distributing, Inc. Kentia 6603
      UGO NETWORKS Kentia 6822
      UK: State of Play Pavilion West 2316
      Ultimate Game Chair Inc. Kentia 7602
      United Distribution Kentia 6421
      Univenture Inc. Kentia 6702
      Userjoy Technology Co., Ltd Kentia 6021
      Vancouver Film School Kentia 7609
      VIA Technologies Inc. Kentia 6814
      VIS Entertainment Plc West 2400
      Visual Sciences Ltd. West 2400
      Viva Kentia 6753
      Viva Media Kentia 6923
      Vivendi Universal Games South 306A
      Vivendi Universal Games South 306B
      Vivendi Universal Games South 1200
      VMC Kentia 6852
      VMC Kentia 6754
      Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment West 511A
      Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment West 511B
      Waterfront Entertainment Ltd. West 2400
      WEBZEN Inc. South 700
      Western Digital Kentia 6706
      WildTangent, Inc. West 2773
      Wintec Industries Kentia 6707
      Wireframe Dreams Kentia 7516
      Wizarbox Kentia 6841
      Wizards of the Coast West 2252
      World Deals Inc. Kentia 7615
      XPEC Entertainment Inc. Kentia 6021
      Xtreme Electronics (Shenzhen) Ltd Kentia 6600
      Yahoo! West 2200
      Yobo Gameware Co. Kentia 6601
      Z-Best Audio & Video Kentia 6720
      Ziff Davis Media Game Group West 2600
      Zoo Digital Publishing Kentia 6207
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    thats one big list.

    Any hows, i will keep my eyes on this forum as my main source of E3 info and i will google and scower the web to find out prime info about E3 (shame i cant go, oh well maybe next year) any ways i just cant wait, the excitemnent of all three companys revealing their war machines, ready to go all guns blazeing at E3 demo's. Wow its going to be one of the best E3 to date.

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    @Thegamingdwarf: LOL, you must've gotten a LOT of points for that post . Half or more of the names up there, I don't even know who they are though. I'm expecting big things from E3 205, better not let me down :P.
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    Nice list,

    Just as an FYI to everyone, we are in the process of creating a forum specifically for E3 discussion. Until then, please keep posts related to E3 in this post.

    When the forum is up, I will do my best to break this topic into several topics that are more focused in the new forum.
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    yah were guna call it "All Your E3 Belong To Us"

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    I don't agree with the Specific E3 Forum It will jsut make all the other forums obselete which isnt a very good idea.
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    The E3 forum will be for new coming out of E3 and discussing it. It will stop the other forums from overflowing with just E3 news.

    The other forums will still be good for general discussion and comparision information.

    We can also move posts out of the E3 forum as needed into the other forums.
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    About that, will there be some sort of a master thread that keep track of the threads so people won't be posting the same thread?
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    hey i cant wait for all the info and pictures from e3. i wish i was going to it that would be awsome. that new forum is a great idea when is it going to happen.

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    [LIVE] Guerilla Games announces new PS3 game!

    Guerilla Games announces new PS3 game!
    By: Justin Pinter

    Guerilla Games, developers behind Killzone and upcoming PSP title Killzone: Liberation have announced a new IP for the PlayStation 3 called Grimsquad: Endless Warfare.

    With Killzone PS3 on the way it will be intresting to see if they use any of the same features in Grimsquad. So far all we know is that the game plays with an over the shoulder camera and utilizes the PS3 for amazing particle effects and damage modeling. Features are as follows:

    - The character's armor is divided into 15 parts which gets destroyed when damaged
    - Supports up to 24 players online
    - Network support for co-op mode campain (up to 4 players)
    - Release set for Q1 2007

    Guerilla also stated that the game is currently only 40% done. It has yet to be announced if Grimsquad will use Killzone 2's engine, but with a Q1 release there should be more information on the title soon.

    Here are some pictures:
    on server under "grimsquad"

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    This is fake. Take it down.


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    Are you serious?

    Ok, I've taken it down.

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