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    Do you believe in romantic love?

    I myself do not believe in romantic relationship. That is for numerous reasons. For one thing, feminism and widespread alienation of the genders prevented me from believing in romantic relationship. I would be a more responsible man if I were to believe in romantic love. I have enough responsibilities to face as it is. I also have a problem with pro-female gender gaps. There are too many angry feminists out there, and neo-feminism is widespread. I used to be anti-female, especially when I was in high school. Feminism is an outdated belief of the past. I am afraid that males will never understand females.
    Decimus Tedius Regio Zanarukando, the Final Fantasy lover, Wikipedia user, video game proponent, and video game community defender

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    I think if you actually took a look at what you just posted you'd realize it makes no sense at all. You blurt out a bunch of fancy words and issues so you can get noticed. Dude, I'd hate to be you...your life must really be down the crapper to gripe about everything from "paper or plastic" to this nonsense.

    As for if I believe in romantic love...or just love in general, of course! I've been with my g/f for two years we have shared alot together. What's not to love about this wonderful women? We're getting married once I graduate boot-camp. She's the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, I hope you find someone to. Maybe you'll realize how completely bizarre your view is. When you find someone that loves you back as much as you love them then you'll understand but from what I gather your yet to even cross into this territory.

    Please, take your super liberal crap elsewhere.

    EDIT: I just noticed this comment by you.

    I used to be anti-female, especially when I was in high school.
    Bahahahahaha! I can read between the lines, the girls didn't like you...ok I got it. That's the only way to explain it, the only reason you'd be anti-female, especially in High-school is if you were gay. Now if your gay then ok I'll give you that. Anyways, you set yourself up for that one.

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    My standards for choosing a wife are too controversial. It seems that a marriage to a type of woman that I do not want to marry is rumored to translate into lasting benefits. I rejected every dating advice that I ever heard about. My heart seems to be well defended from romance. I might as well give up on pursuing a romantic relationship, remaining a bachelor for all time. Also, I had a long history being prejudiced against females, and was influenced to be a sexist in a hundred ways, mainly religion. However, on July 8, 2003, I was taught a lesson about sexism at Aura message board through PMs from its female adminstrators. Shortly thereafter, my misogynous (or antifemale) attitude has been conquered. However, I will not bother to fall in love. I have been disappointed about the 1995 divorce odds data, which appeared on the news last year. I am disappointed that I preferred women who are most likely to get a divorce. 93% of all divorces in America were initiated by women. That is a grand reason why I do not believe in romantic love.

    My mother was 34 years old when she gave birth to me, and my father was about to become 36 years old. She was 25 years old when she gave birth to her first child and my oldest brother, who was named after my father. In one more year, my oldest brother will be as old as my mother was when she gave birth to me.

    I have had a long history being prejudiced against females. I was influenced to be anti-female in thousands of ways, mostly by my parents' religion, Jehovah's Witnesses, even though it is unintentional. My former religion very much caused me to be antifemale from babyhood until recently, because of its moral standards. I was also influenced by gender differences that favor the female sex (I got mad over those), biological differences, women's rights, divorce odd data, the way I was treated by females, tomboys and their tomboyish attributes, wives receiving larger paychecks than their husbands, watching videos of women spanking men, repeatedly saying "I don't like girls!", liking no movie actress, etc. My favorite movie star is a male, and my least favorite movie star is a female and never liked any actresses. I have never sung a duet with a female. Even my own mother influenced me to be anti-female. My father unintentionally raised me to be a sexist, without noticing it. I despised my female peers. When I was in high school, I wrote a long list of schoolmates I liked to attend classes with and those I did not like to attend classes with. Almost everyone on my yes list, or positive list, was male. Almost everyone on no list, or negative list, was female. I favored over 99% of my male schoolmates. I despised over 99% of my female schoolmates. When I said that I would have children, I once said that I wanted an all-male offspring like my parents have.

    When I was brought over to Aura message board from FFAlpha, I did not know that the one who brought me over there is a female. Her father is anti-female big time, as I was PM'd at Aura message board. I really like Aura message board though. The Aura ladies taught me a lesson about prejudice against females. Now I have realized that prejudice against females is evil. I have been acknowledged by PM that female humans are just as intelligent and human as I am.
    Decimus Tedius Regio Zanarukando, the Final Fantasy lover, Wikipedia user, video game proponent, and video game community defender

    Playable Lyndis for Super Smash Bros. 4

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    so, in the end, it all comes down to one thing? You wrote such stupidities in your lines, saying you hate women, and all this and all that, and at the end, you say that you like women. Or that you dont care? Cause it is a bit confusing, you are saying nonsense that comes down to exactly the opposite you were saying before.
    Dude, have you had a girlfriend before? I'm 14, and, unlike Psx_Junkie, haven't had a long-relationship with any of my girl-friends (5 girlfriends)
    It is probably the best thing that could happen to me when i'm older.
    Do you even know what it is to love a woman/ like a woman? I bet you are avor 18, but still a low-life, never-had-a-girlfriend geek freak.
    You know, I just found your problem-actually two problems. You either have a phobia towards women, or you are uncertain of your sexuality.
    Get a life...

    EDIT: PSX_Junkie, when you marry your girlfriend (that, by the way you describe your relationship, must be great) I wish all the best for the two of you.
    And Tedius, please get a girlfriend. Or make female friends. Or make friends period.
    An intellectual is a man who takes more words than necessary to tell more than he knows.

    Dwight D. Eisenhower

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    Well, I have to respect him for not getting excessively angry at my comments and standing his ground...still his ideas are a bit loopy. Although in his second post he came out a bit more clear.

    Oh, and thankyou phreak..things are going pretty good for me right now.

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    Mann, how can you not like women?!... There is a girl out there for everyone... There is no possible way I could not like women... And just cause they dont like you, you turn gay?! ...You need to have more confidence... ...I don even know what to say to that...I've never had that problem... Sure I've been denied a couple of times... but that didnt stop me...

    Are you seeing a psyciatrist?...Shrink? ...anything? Cause you got alot of problems and people with alot of problems always... Snap... You better not go on a shooting spree or somthing...
    Why do people depend on eachother? ...When in the end your on your own.

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    Lol, rpgdreamer. That last sentence was funny and sarcastic at the same time. Tedius, as rpgdreamer said, there is a girl/woman there for everyone.
    Rpgdreamer, he didn't say he was gay, we thought he was gay. He might just be shy or something. Or he might be womanophobic (is there such thing) no, we shouldn't insult him. We should correct him and leave him be. I'm actually impressed how he didn't even have a hint of anger in his writing after Psx_junkie's comment. Oxarion7 is totally different. He has a short temper, tedius does'nt.[/quote]
    An intellectual is a man who takes more words than necessary to tell more than he knows.

    Dwight D. Eisenhower

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    I didnt directly imply he was gay. I was saying the only way for him to truly feel that way is that'd he problly have to be gay.

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    To save writting a whole load of bable-which I do. I am going to get straight to the nugget which is my opinion.

    Romantic love is what you make it. It can be struck by a chain of events. Usually leading through exitement. Personally I believe romantic love can only be found by chance. - May be pointless bable anyway.
    If you put limits on yourself on what you do, you may aswell be dead.It will eventually spread into your entire being. There are no limits only plateauxs. You must go beyond them. If it kills you, it kills you.

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    If your question is whether there is such a thing as Romance? Then yes, I believe there is. What do you think Shakespeare wrote about half the time? Just go spend a night out with a beautiful girl in Paris for a night, wine-and-dine and flirt under the moonlight. Well that's my idea of a Romantic evening anyway .

    If your question is whether there is such a thing as Love then yes, once it happens to you, you will know it. It sounds to me like you have been put off girls due to your upbringing/religion etc. I think you need to go out there build up your confidence, throw all your misconceptions out the window, and just get out there and find a gorgeous girl.

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    Amen to that. totally agree.
    An intellectual is a man who takes more words than necessary to tell more than he knows.

    Dwight D. Eisenhower

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    Durabis Giving Media Disks A Durable Make-Over

    Fancy a game of back-yard catch with your new Blu-ray disk? Well today is your lucky day.

    TDK unleashed greatness in the form of its new super hard coating disk technology, Durabis. Disks treated to this superior coating process boasts to be 100 times more scratch resistant than thier conventional DVD counterparts!

    Not only does Durabis battle scratches but also allows the disk to resist a number of other common disk destroyers, such as, those pesky paw prints and slobber spots left over from your canine companion!

    NOTE: TDK does not claim to prevent slobber damage.

    Dust is no longer a factor with the new coating as well. Durabis claims to repel dust by using rapid electrical discharge technology. This technology helps to reduce recording and playback errors by preventing dust from collecting inside the drive itself.

    Durabis is also attributed to be the essential factor that allows the new Blu-ray disks to be played without the need of thier protective casing. Cartridge-free-Blu-ray was a nessisary design step to allow Blu-ray technology to be used in Sony's next-generation console the Playstation 3.

    WARNING: Throwing disks can be dangerous. Be sure to wear the correct safety equipment to prevent eye damage.

    By: Wyatt Billingsley

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    Great article man! It's about time you got something up haha jk. Were you talking to me with the dogs? Because my name is Dusty, and I have 3 dogs...Jw.

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    Yeah I was hinting at you with I changed it.. I just wanted to make a joke to get you back for earlier


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    Good article was some funny $#@! we pulled on you last night on but we had to do it. Good laughs and no harm done...

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    Editted and live! Good piece Wyatt!

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