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    Anyone got experience with Eternal Sonata and is it worth getting? ive always considered this might be one of the rare gems PS3 will be remembered by along with maybe Resonance of Fate, but that thought might be because of the lack of j-rpgs for the console during its lifetime and the pretty visuals the game has, i have found it pretty cheap 2nd hand though only 13$. The game costs 75$ as new and ive only seen one online store selling it in my country. It seems liek a game thats generally hard to come buy at this point and those that do sell it have priced it pretty steep for a game that came out years ago

    Edit: Nevermind dropped getting it. Read a good amount about it and it seems it has nothing going for it besides the visuals. Seems like most users mention a boring story and cringeworthy dialogue as overshadowing aspects
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