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    DBZ Seasons Review

    I've bought every single DBZ season set so far, and would just like to write a little comment about all of them since its something I personally think is astounding. I never thought I'd be able to watch the actual DBZ show in japanese with the correct subtitles like this, and its very rewarding. Been watching DBZ since I was in 6th grade and the show came on at 6:30am and they continually showed the exact same episode once every week lol. Oh how we've progressed.

    Season One : This one had me in awe. First time to actually read the japanese text while watching the show on my TV. Was great! You learn alot more about the storyline reading the text and listening to the original japanese audio due to the dialouge of the american show being so off on most things. Season One had great storyline stuff going on, great action, and really sets everything up nicely.

    Season Two : Best season so far of any. Great audio, great text reading, great storylines and not alot of filler boring stuff.

    Season Three : Another great season. One massive fight with Freiza. Can't go wrong there. Even though there is alot of " one punch and talk " stuff going on, it is a great fight to watch especially when Goku goes SSJ.

    Season Four : Worst season so far. Ended at the wrong time. Too early. Very short. But still ... leads up to the best season of the DBZ series in the Cell Saga.
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    My 5 most hated words when I was 11 was, "Next time on Dragonball Z".

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    Yeah Season 4 is definetly the worst so far, although Trunks vs Frieza has got to be one of the highlights for that season.

    Also Yamcha getting a hole ripped through his chest by an android and Goku using a single finger to block Trunks attacks with a sword was awesome.

    I hate the Garlic Jnr saga though, definetly the worst part of all DBZ IMO.

    PS. Any/all of GT is worse than that saga though.

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    I'm glad they didn't use a fanmade intro like the one used for Dragonball GT.

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