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Maybe. I'll check it out.

On another notei finally caved and watched the las little bit of bleach. Skipped from the end of the aizen arc to the new stuff (skipped filler). Holy $#@! they finally got the anime right. Only took 17 seasons but they got it right. It had purpose, it didn't have 30 episodes of faffing about. had interesting plot and the bad guy really hit ichigo where it hurts. Plus it's set a year and a half after the aizen arc and they rebooted how the characters look. Too bad the series is "ending". I like the look of the new characters and it really seems like this last season breathed new air into it. Considering the manga is continuing I imagine we will see a "bleach 2" or something like that once this arc is finished up because this is the final manga arc. Just hope the keep the same sense of purpose.
Bleach had a lot of potential but it's just a silly series. The save Rukia arc was great and even had an excellent twist but they killed it off the moment everyone became best of friends!. All the intruders did was: Almost killed 3 Captains, One Lieutenant and 3 Seated officers; Caused enormous damage during their campaign and eventually got away with it all. I know that the one behind Rukia's kidnapping played a major role here but I couldn't believe that everyone became cool after the whole thing.

The whole Bleach universe is all about sparing the good guys for the sake of fan service and killing off/ stopping all the bad guys. Honestly the only good thing that came from the anime was their first movie, that one was a breath of fresh air and Ichigo actually had a noble purpose. It was simply great!. Now these days it's all about "We strong as hell Captains can't do $#@! to save our own asses, Please Ichigo save us!".

Note: This is just a rant not directed towards you, btbam. I might check out the new ark just out of curiosity.