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    Ratio (cost) between speakers and amps/receivers

    Is there a general rule of thumb as to which is more important in a system? Say if you spend $1000 on an amp should the speakers cost the same? Or should the electronics cost more than the speakers. My speakers in total cost about $1400/700 but my onkyo 674 I picked up for $500. I am pretty sure my floor standers are being held back by the amp and would like to in the future get a new av amp with pre outs and run a separate stereo amp to upgrade the stereo performance, but this could turn out to be expensive.

    I am tempted to get a Denon av amp either the 2808 or 3808, although the dual HDMI output on the 4308 looks tempting! What ratio between the cost of speakers and the amp do you guys run? Mine is almost 3:1 speakers to amp!


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    I don't think there's a hard rule...there are general opinions of what brand of speaker gets better performance from certain receivers... and obviously if you have enough power to drive them.

    What type of speakers did you go with?

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    You can have the best speakers in the world but if you dont have a good amp its pointless. Theres really not a rule of thumb just buy according to your needs meaning if you have speakers that are mid range a mid range amp should suffice. No need to have a $2000 amp and $400 speakers

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    Its better to have better speakers to a certain point. Bottom line, it doesn't ultimately matter.

    Having a 5000 dollar receiver is useless if you have little tiny speakers, or some HTIB set up.

    I own the Denon 4308 and my speakers aren't that expensive at all compared to a lot of others, but the quality is there, and its awesome.

    There is no set rule or ratio. Get good stuff and you'll be happy, just don't get poor quality... of anything.

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    As others have aluded to, there is no rule, you go by what you feel. Speakers are very personal - my Missions that I have had for 8 years now (with 2 relatively new sets replacing old surrounds) I wouldn't swap them out unless I was willing to go for 1500 per pair on M&K. I'm used to them, they drive extremely well, and they are quite capable when given a powerful amp. Little speakers (for example up to 50W capability) will easily be blown if you have an expensive 175W per channel amp and crank it up. Vice Versa, if you have expensive speakers (for example max 250W each) with a 40W per channel amp, you will get much less movement from the drivers (because the amp is underpowered) and therefore reduced quality of sound. In some respects its a decent guide to go 'midrange - midrange', or 'highend - highend', buying something 20x the cost of another component will only limit the expensive one.

    The most often forgotten figure is the cables. I have spent about 25% of my whole system cost on the cables alone, they make all the difference. Chord Company, Nordost, and Van den Hul are the ones I trust.

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    If you are interested in getting an amp alone to really get your speakers screaming look no further than the behringer a500. It is a whole lot cheaper than getting a new avr and you get much much more power than really expensive receivers. Its about $200 for 400W into 2 channels.
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    Quality comes in 2 forms power and technology. And they're not skewed very far.

    A low receiver can't pump out the wattage needed for high power speakers and inversely pairing low speakers with a high end receiver is also wasteful.

    So a rough correlation eventually happens anyway.

    mixing and matching is upto the self who does a la carte, and deals are always floating for bookshelf speakers, monitor speakers, stand speakers, voice speakers, etc.

    But do, do your math on the wattage output of your receiver and speakers to get a well match up.

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