Can anyone help...?

We (my friend) have a problem with Bluetooth headset. It's the official PS3 headset. We manage to install (pair and put all the settings) it, but the problem is that there are no sound on it.

When my friend is talking to that, i can hear what he is saying, on my headset. So the mic will work. But he can't hear anything that i talk, or someone else is talking. He can hear those on his TV most of the time (not all the time) but nothing on his headset.

Setup should be ok, there is Audio multi out ON....

When we tried to adjust the level of the mic, it will recognize the sound, but i we cant hear anything from the headset or from the tv... On my headset, i hear my own voice when adjusting the level of the mic.

Any ideas? I have a huge hurry with this problem so if someone have even some ideas, let me know..... And Thanks!