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    Low on HDD Space & Changing Internal Drive

    If you are starting to get low on HDD space, you basically have three options.

    1. Delete some stuff!
    2. New Internal Hard Drive
    3. New External Hard Drive

    Option 1.

    Delete Stuff.

    There are a number of things you can do here to free up some HHD space.

    1. Have you any old Demo's or Trailers you don't need - If so these can easily stack up to a few gig.

    2. Delete Game installs of games you no longer play.. These can take up a few gig each.. If you not playing it delete it.. You can always re install if you want to play the game again. I know it will waste time but if you need space and don't want to buy a new external or internal Drive.

    3. If you already have a external dirve FAT32 formatted, transfer music, game installs, pictures and video's to this... Then if you need to use the installs again you can transfer them back to PS3 HHD.

    Option 2.

    New larger Internal Drive.

    If you have the cash to buy one this is the best option, as you can reuse the old drive, and you get alot more space.

    I would say go for either 250 or 320 gig as they not too expensive at present, but buy what you can afford.. check on the web for best prices in your region. At present the Largest 2.5inch SATA drive is 320gig.

    Make sure you get a 2.5' SATA, as the Larger 3.5' SATA drive will not fit.. Basicly the PS3 uses any 2.5' SATA Laptop Drive...

    Problems you may encounter

    This has been well documented on this forum that the soft non magentic screws can be a little tricky to get in or out. My suggestion is get the right tool for the job then you get no problems.....

    If you are looknig to get a new external case for your old Drive, look for a non powered one that comes with a screw driver and order that at same time, so you will have the correct tool for the job.. Then it'll only take a few minutes to complete.

    The Benefit

    This option then gives you the best of both worlds, a new large internal drive and a 40-60-80 gig drive to use as external for backing up music prictures etc, that will easily connet to PC via USB.

    How To do this !

    Here's a video of the Install process

    [ame=""]HDD swap[/ame]

    Thanks to (where the video is) and Notanovice for the URL

    Here's a Video From youtube on the Slim drive swap ... looks ok, Credit to the creator !....

    First and foremost you know if you have the correct screw driver head if you can undo this with not to much pressure and the driver head does not start to ride out of the screw, if it begins to ride out of screw head - STOP you are using the wrong screw driver..

    The Screw head is a Philips head and not a prozi drive head these look very similar

    Philips head - Has a cross pattern similar to This (+)

    Prozi Drive Head - This is simlar to the Philips head except the are four more smaller cross heads in the driver or head. One small one between each large cross. ( hope that makes sense) if not google it !

    Attachment 2006

    If you have bought an external case that contains a screw driver this sohuld fit !!! - if not could try a cheap penknife (as found these work well too). Please please make sure it fits.. IF when you begin the turn the Screw Driver with reasonable pressure it begins to ride out check you have the correct driver and Size, if it is still a little stiff - an old Trick is to tighten it slightly first, this will usually make undoing easier, always remember righty tighty - lefty loosey !

    Step One

    Either back up ur PS3 from System options, This will require a FAT32 formatted external Hard Drive. If you have not i recomend you just use a Flash Drive to copy your game save too..

    go to Game - Game Saves - on each game save press Triangle - then copy to Flash Drive... continue to all your game saves have been transferred. If you run out of space on the Flash drive - plug into PC, and copy to PC's hard drive in a location you will remember. thne continue copying across.. This will mean however, remembering your PSN Logon details and re downloading PSN titles (in the download tab), as have 5 downloads per purchase... And all game installs and updates will also have to be re done.

    Step 2

    Thanks to Cnet for pics..
    Open the HHD Flap on the Side of the PS3.. you will thne see a bright blue Screw, remove this carefully (remember the advice above). once this has been removed you can pull the lever and the Hard Drive Caddy will slide out of the PS3...

    Thanks to Cnet for Pics..
    Remove the four screws from the side of the caddy (remembering the earlier tips). and pull out the old Drive, slot in the new one, as reverse Step 2.

    step 3

    Re logon onto PS3 - will prompt you to format say yes... this will then format your PS3 for a 250 gig you will have around 232 gig to play with once formatted.

    Then re put in PSn logon details and Router info, Logon to PSn re-download any PSN titles you have bought. Copy Game saves back from Flash Drive - by plugging in Flash drive and going to Game Saves - then Flash Drive then Traingle to give you copy options.

    Step 4.

    Place your Old hard drive into the external casing as per the instructions - format using a PC to FAT 32 - most people like using Partion Magic as it lets you formatt a drive with larger partions that 32gig (standard Window Limit).

    Here is a link to a free partition tool - I have Know idea how good it is, but its free to home users...

    So might be worth downloading

    There you have it a new HHD and External Drive.

    What if I strip my screws in my Caddy ?

    If by chance you do strip your screws, use a pair of long nose pliers to remove the screws, this method in nearly all cases works, you may damage the screws but least got old drive out.

    The next thing is to call Sony Customer services in your region. I have spoke to one or two people who have stripped their screws, and one quick call to Sony, and a new caddy was on the way free of charge. So if you do or have in the past stripped the screws give Sony a call, and get a brand new one form Sony for Free, they have even supplied the new caddy with tougher screws (yippee).

    Option 3.

    Buy an External Drive Plug into USB port.

    This is mainly useful for extra storage of Music Picture and Backups, you can move game saves demo's and installs to this Drive.....

    However you if you want to USE the Game save or Install for a game you need to movoe it back to the PS3's hard drive...

    I hope this is of some help, i have not had a great deal of time to do this, when i get some more time at work, will add a few helpfull pics etc.

    Oh on a side note, if anyone is going to be upgrading their HHD drive in PS3, and would not mind taking a few photo's of some of the steps, I'll Rep you and add you as part of content creators.
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