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    Squeenix is going to make games for everyone

    Looks like they get the message as well. MP is the way to go for all third party devs.

    When Final Fantasy XIII was announced for the 360, it was hard to miss the high-pitched scream that went out across the internet. Mostly from Sony fanboys, aghast at the thought of a Final Fantasy game appearing somewhere other than a PlayStation. Which was good for a giggle, what with Final Fantasies I-VI on Nintendo machines, Final Fantasy VII & VIII going to the PC, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles going to GameCube and Final Fantasy XI going to every machine known to man. Not like there wasn't a precedent, people.

    So rational, normal humans shouldn't have as much trouble digesting these words from Squeenix boss Yoichi Wada, who knows which way the current generation's winds are blowing:

    Quote Originally Posted by Yoichi Wada
    We're now in the age of the multi-platform, but depending on age and territory, users have different tastes. Therefore it's very difficult to just deal with one company or one hardware platform - in order to offer our product to the vast majority of gamers we need to deal with multiple companies and platforms.

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    Makes sense with prices of game production just going on up. Who says no to easy money?

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    already been posted in the ps3 sections

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