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    Great piece - well written. I moved the list of the games up a bit, but thats it - LIVE!

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    hm, maybe you should read this: ... d=24224315

    Especially the part where it says:

    Some sites spun the story as Sony revealing its self-developed PS3 games for the first time. Others branded it as an announcement of the company's first-party lineup when the PS3 launches later this year. Both were wrong.

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    Well thank you for that article...If you read what I wrote though i explained that none of these games have been released yet. The article just is about how Sony confirmed the names of these titles on the Playstation Japan website. I also was one step ahead of Gamespot by pointing out that Grand Turismo has a history of coing out much later than expected and we might not see this title until 2007, maybe longer.

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    Yep, you're right. But the "first party" bit was what I was referring too...

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