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    How to clean PS3 Blu ray lens?

    My friends Blu Ray player part of his PS3 60gb play movies with a wierd motion to them like they are going slow. I thin he needs to clean his lens.

    Anyone ever run into this problem, and have a solution on how to fix it? Trophy Card Upload your own background image!
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    Do they make lens cleaners for Blu-Ray yet?

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    I would be interested in knowing this too. Any recommended products that we can use or will we void any type of warranty?

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    No ideas? Anyone? Does a standard cd or dvd cleaner work on the BD?

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    I don't see why not. It just tells the drive to go to the track with the little felt brush on it. I wonder if doing it would void warranty?

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    Question...cleaned my PS3 blue ray drive...unfortunately son left game in drive...removed it during the cleaning have a problem...PS3 said there was a disc already in the PS3 when I had already removed it...and won't allow another disc to be inserted...thus, opened up ps3 again, put the disc back in...and now ps3 won't allow disc to eject...any suggesttions as PS3 is now unusable (system reset?)

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    Q TIP (DAMP)-Almost dry

    And rubbing alcohol or the strongest 80% proof clear drink you have.

    Then just slightly rub it until it becomes moist.... Oh wait a minute got off track there..

    No but serious as above.

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