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    Im sorry if this has been talked about but i havent checked it

    I want to know what the price for the PS3 is going to be

    Again i am sorry if this is a stupid question or if has not been announced yet..

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    Nothing has been announced. Please see this thread for speculation :
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    [LIVE] PSP Go priced and dated

    Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation Portable Go, it's new UMD-less revision of the hand-held, will be available in North America and Europe on October 1st, at the same price of the original PSP, $249.

    PSP Go will feature a sliding screen which will hides the PSP's buttons when closed and will be able to store downloadable media on a16 GB of internal flash memory. It will also support Bluetooth and wireless connectivity and be 43% lighter than its predecessor.

    More news as we get it!

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    Re: [RDY] PSP Go priced and dated

    On it.
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    Re: [LIVE] PSP Go priced and dated

    Font size corrected

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