Welcome to the PS3Forums Beginner's Guide!
Written by Perfect Sin.

Our rules and customs are different to most other forums,
so it's important you read this guide to avoid problems. Enjoy!

Table of Contents
  • Section 1- The Rules
    Section 2- Your Posting Display
    Section 3- The Shop
    Section 4- General Information
    Section 5- FAQ

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Section 1- The Rules

Here at the Forums we realize people of all ages can read our forums.
We also pride ourselves in being one of the most fairest console forums on the web, despite our name .
That is why we have rules in place, in order to to...well...keep order.

The rules are simple and if followed I can guarantee to you a welcomed stay on these forums.

While it may look like a lot, please just take the 5 minutes it requires to read them over briefly.
No mod or admin will fault you severely if you are new, unless of course you are trying to make trouble .

The three links to our rules

The Rules-
  • These are the basis for everything which the mods rule by.
    If anyone deducts points from you, this is the link that gives them the rights.

Respecting other Members-
  • Please note that the kinder you treat other members, the more respect other members will have for you.

Signature Rules-
  • These are some newly created rules pertaining to the size of your signature.
    If you wake up one day to find your signature gone, please read these rules and you will understand why.

Now that we completed the most boring part of the guide, let's move on to some more interesting things!

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Section 2- Your Posting Display

Avatar Display

  • A couple things that I would like to elaborate on:

    Title- Your title is fixed and will change when a certain amount of posts have been made

    Star Count- Just like the title, your star count depends on the number of posts you make.

    Skill Points- Skill points are the currency, so to speak, of PSUForums.

    Skill points can be earned by posting replys and posting new topics.
    The skill point rater takes into account your length of post, quality of the post, and using forum code (quotes, spoiler, etc.)

    **Tip: Skill Points can be deducted from your total if a mod or admin finds out you broke a rule. Follow them, and you won't lose points!**

Signature Display

  • This is my signature. It complies to the Signature rules **See Section 1** and will be displayed at the bottom of your reply/post.

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Section 3- The Shop

There may be certain privileges that members have and you don't have, for the time being.

The shop
  • To access the Shop click the shop icon on the toolbar, it can be found between the "Points" and the "Bank" options.

    When you enter the shop you will see a list of categories. All the icons available for purchase will be listed under these categories.

    This allows you to obtain Icons which are displayed below your avatar and username when you make a post.

How to Purchase Icons
  • Click Shop
  • Select a Category

    Find the icon you want. (The cost, amount of each icon left, and how many of each icon sold will show you the popularity and rarity of each icon)

    line up the icon you want and select the "Buy Icon" option underneath the price.

    A message will notify you that you purchased an icon.

Now YOU are the expert at the Shop!

__________________________________________________ _______________

Section 4- General Information

This Section is devoted to some minor but critical bits of information you should know.

- Use the "search" function on your toolbar

  • Don't give into your impulses.
    Chances are if there's a hot bit of info that you have to quote from a source, it's probably already been posted.
    If it hasn't then you would know from doing a "search"

    The "search" feature is key for keeping spam out of the forums.
    I can't stress this point enough! Please, always remember to do a search.

- Read the posts before yours
  • We've had some issues with new members not reading the posts before theirs.
    I want to point this out because a Mod or a SMC might come in and say something important, but it doesn't get listened to.

    There have been cases were a troll might post something and a SMC tells the users not to post in the thread.


- All "Hi, i'm new!" posts go in the designated "Welcome" sticky
  • Post your " Hi, i'm new!" reply HERE

    We do this, again, to keep the forums organized and spam free

- Need a Signature or Avatar made for you?
  • Currently Theft and the Design Team offer to make signatures and avatars for the members of these Forums.

    They are spending their own time making these for Free so remember to be polite when you Request a signature and/or avatar.

    You can find the Signature and Avatar Request Sub Forum in the Design Corner...HERE

- Don't purposefully post in the wrong section
  • Sometimes members decide to post a thought or article in the wrong section, on purpose.
    They usually do this because they feel it will be seen more in a different thread.

    This only creates more work for the SMC and The Mods, so please post in the right topics!

- Read the Stickies!
  • I can't stress this enough. You should read the stickies before you post something.
    Half of the reason the stickies are there, is to keep you guys from posting something that has already been posted.

    If you just read the stickies, it will reduce the amount of spam we get on the Forums.
    The end result being a better and happier PS3Forums.

- Always do a SpellCheck!

  • Not only is using proper spelling and grammar the best way to communicate, it will help you become a better typer in general.

    **Tip: Using proper spelling and grammar score big points with the Mods and Admins. **
    **Tip: Spelling and grammar are also used in deciding who could become the next SMC or Mod . **

- Let your posts represent YOU.
  • Every post you make should be of good quality.
    A post with spelling and grammatical errors, along with fanboyish comments, is not a good form of expression.

    Your posts are the only thing we can judge you on, so please make them intelligent.

- Don't act like a Mod or a Senior Member (SM)
  • I can not say this better than Siren (Mod) and Morpheus (Admin)

    Quote Originally Posted by Morpheus
    Quote Originally Posted by siren
    Want to help out, read the following post I had to make in a thread. The mods and SMC can only do so much, no matter how many we have. We need forum members to stop posting in threads that are dupes or worthless. We need them to help report these to SMC and Mods. We need everyone who wants to keep these forums great to help out.
    __________________________________________________ ______

    Come on people, do you see "IGN" or "Gamespot" forums at the top of this page? Didn't think so.

    We have higher standards here. Enough with the "flame" comments. If you are not contributing to a discussion at hand, do not post in the thread, got it?

    Half of the people that flooded this thread with these comments are long time posters that should have known better, in that I am highly disappointed.

    If you see a worthless post, send a Mod or SMC a PM about it. They will take care of it. Do not bump the threads up further into the spotlight by posting into them, this does no one any good.

    In addition, if you see someone breaking the rules, unless you are a SMC or Mod it is not your position to attack them in the forums. Rather, send a PM to a Mod or SMC about the offense and we will clean it up if need be.

    Yep. Siren has hit proverbial nail on the head there. We are always looking out for new Mods. You are right that SMC members are typically the most likely candidates for the job but this isn't necessarily the only route to becoming one. A good start if you want to become a Mod is to not ask to become a Mod. If you need to ask you are not demonstrating to us the right sort of attitude for the job. Post regularly and well, report threads to Mods/Admin or SMC members if none are online and if you do a good job you will get noticed. We are also not looking for fanboys so please donít apply if you canít show even a small degree of impartiality. We have around Ď30í people who play a significant role in looking for new Moderators so rest assured we will find you, not the other way around please.
    We respect you for the poster you are. Not for how great you impersonate a Mod or a SM.

__________________________________________________ _____________

Section 5- FAQ

The FAQ is designed to answer some common questions that have been asked by multiple users on these Forums.

For some more complex questions, please see the FAQ located on your toolbar. (Or click HERE )

Why doesn't my signature and avatar show up?

  • There could be multiple reasons why your avatar and/or signature do not show up.
  • 1) A Mod might have removed it because it was not scaled accordingly to the Rules. **See Section 1**
    2) Your image host dropped the direct link to your avatar or signature. In this case you must re-host your image.
  • 3) You may have a form of image block applied on you internet browser.

What is a Mod? How are they chosen? How can I become one?

  • A Mod, or Moderator, is a User who has the right to edit, delete, ban and keep order in the Forums.
    He/She is the "enforcer" of the rules and has the rights to deal accordingly with the Member who violates them.

    A Moderator is voted/chosen by the Admins, who will also look to the current Moderators to see who has the proper qualities for Mod status.

    The likelihood of being chosen to become a Mod relies on certain qualities.
    These qualities include, but are not limited to, respectfulness, biases, exceptional spelling and grammar, seniority, etc.
    It also helps if you do not act like a mod if you are only a Member.
    Simply meaning, don't tell other members what to do, and don't post "This should be locked" an abundance of times in one thread.

    A Moderator is indicated by their Username displayed in the color Green

    Ex: Tribunal is a moderator.

What is a SMC? How are they chosen? How can I become one?
  • SMC, or Senior Member's Counsel, consists of certain members who have been "promoted" to help keep the forum clean and in order.
    A Senior Member (SM) help the Mods by being able to report bad posts.
    The Mod can then, quickly and efficiently, go to the post in question and lock, move, or delete that post.

    A SM is chosen when the Admins feel like the forum needs more eyes to look out for bad posts.
    They will also be chosen if a certain member has contributed a lot to these forums.

    To become a SM you must show signs of dedication to the forums, have great spelling and grammar, respectfulness, etc.
    I was chosen to be in the SMC because of my quality posts, my contributions and suggestions to improve the forums, and treating members with respect.

    A SM username is displayed in Blue.

    Ex: -Deadpool- is a SM and is part of the SMC.

What are the little pictures under the display screen?
  • These pictures are called Icons. The icons show what that user may like or shows preference for. All icons are available to purchase from "The Shop" for 1000 skill points.
    **See Section 3**

    Some Icons are special and only available to certain members. For instance staff icons are only available to Mods, Admins and SMC.

Am I allowed to have multiple user accounts?
  • No, here at the Forums we think 1 account is enough. Multiple accounts just means more confusion and there just is no need to make a second account.

    If you forget your password, click the "I forgot my password" link.

    If you forget your username, create another account but notify a Mod immediately.
    He/She will then find your Username and give you a set period of time before your temporary account will be deleted.

Why is my thread locked?
  • If your thread is locked it could be because of several different reasons.
    1) Your topic was already posted.
    2) Your topic was obscene, tasteless, and/or pointless.
    3) Your topic violated the rules. **See Section 1**

Where is my post? I can't find it.
  • There are a couple reasons why you might not be able to find your post.
    1) Your thread was moved by a Mod. Most likely because your post was in the wrong section. Try doing a "search" for your post.
    2) Your post has been deleted. If your post is deleted than it is gone from the forums. Usually it's because it's spam, or really obscene.
    If your thread is deleted you should be contacted by a Mod explaining why. If not, report this to another Mod.
    He/she will talk to the Mod who deleted your post and tell you why it was deleted.

I was Temporarily banned. What does that mean?
  • If you are temporarily banned or (temp banned) you probably took part in some breaking of the rules.
    Thus resulting in you getting banned for a certain period of time [specified by the Mod(s)].

    All you have to do is make sure you don't access the forums in that specified time.
    Creating another account to argue this matter will most likely result in a Permanent Ban.

I was Permanently banned. What does that mean?
  • If you were Permanently banned from the Forums, you probably broke a boatload of rules, argued with the Mods, or argued over being Temp banned from the forums.

    Being Permanently banned will mean you will never be able to access the Forums, let alone create another account.

    So, if you value your stay here, please note, we take the rules in the highest of regards.

__________________________________________________ _____________

So ends the Beginner's Guide. If you have more questions, or feel the guide lacks in certain areas, please send a PM to one of the Mods. They will answer your questions to the best of their abilities.