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    0 great offer when you order a Wii

    As a PS3 owner I never really give the Wii any fought. This was untill a lot of my friends recommend that I buy a Wii.

    So the other day I made my mind up and bought a Wii.

    The reason why I am making this thread is for people that where like me and thinking about buying a Wii. When I came a cross this offer it was just to hard to turn down.

    When you buy a Wii (179.98), are giving you Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (29.98) and/or Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 (29.98) for free, (I am not to sure becuase I got Star Wars for free but couldn't get Tiger Woods for free, however they do say "And don't forget you can get Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 free with your Wii console order"). are also giving you Carinval: Fun Fair Games (12.97) and Big Beach Sports (12.98) for 20 when you order a Wii.

    Just add them to your basket and enter the code found on the website.

    Here is the link for anyone intersted: -

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    Awesome, I want to get a Wii eventually. I remember the very first adverts for the Wii and it had a little kid waving the Remote around and I thought it was one of the most stupid things I'd seen but it's actually a really kool console. There's only a few games on there that are tempting me to buy one at the moment, such as Brawl and Wario Smooth Moves. I'm not sure if the Wii has any downloadable content?

    But yeah that's a pretty awesome deal by amazon! I think I'll have to check that out Kinda don't have any monies at the moment haha so that sucks.

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    Feenana your gonna get banned like that. Im going to get a wii for christmas and found a great deal. On gamestation they sell the wii with any 3 games for 249.99.

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