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    Resistance 2 Dev Walkthroughs

    I don't know if these were posted or not, but color me VERY VERY VERY impressed. This footage is much better than the older footage. R2 is looking mighty nice. Frantic, action packed combat. The visuals are much improved. Keep it up Insomniac!

    Dev Walkthroughs 1-4

    [ame=""] - Resistance 2 - Developer Walkthrough Part 1 HD[/ame]
    [ame=""] - Resistance 2 - Developer Walkthrough Part 2 HD[/ame]
    [ame=""] - Resistance 2 - Developer Walkthrough Part 3 HD[/ame]
    [ame=""] - Resistance 2 - Developer Walkthrough Part 4 HD[/ame]

    More videos:

    [ame=""] - Resistance 2 - Target Practice Gameplay HD[/ame]
    [ame=""] - Resistance 2 - Crash Landing Gameplay HD[/ame]
    [ame=""] - Resistance 2 - More Multiplayer Gameplay HD[/ame]

    Seriously, I am VERY impressed by this.

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    I watched some of these last night, it looks sensational!!! It seems like they've kept what good about the original (good game play, franetic pace etc) and improved the things we come to expect with new gen games like the sfx, gfs and online modes. This is a day 1 pick up for me that's for sure!!

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    yeah i've seen these videos before...they have doubled my anticipation for this game.
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    i am impressed. looking forward to it. cant wait. will have to pre-order. The sad part i am going on holidays around that time, wont be able to play till i come back.

    thinking of cancelling holidays and playing @ home.

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    like i have said many times before, this game will blow everyones expectations away, i know im extremely impressed and i would have to say that the quality of the graphics match killzone 2 albeit a very different aesthetic everything is just soo... tangible its just so well put together

    amazingly high detail, really really advanced lighting, really smooth realistic animations, a great gore system, beautifully interactive water, awesome inventive weapons, a much wider variety of chimera and awesome boss battles

    and then theres 8 player coop where there will be 100 enemies on screen all running their own ai routines and moving through cluttered enviroments intelligently without any glitches, and not only that there not all the same there will be varieties mixed together, character classes are put into use and add a MUCH greater element of strategy, AND coop has its own storyline and on top of that you have 60 player competitive modes with over 70 maps and deep community functionality

    one word: AMAZING
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    IT would be nice if you didn't link the HD videos direct to the MME playout. Not everyone is running crappy windows boxes. Quicktime would of been a better choice..

    Great stuff though :P

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    Yeah. I too am impressed by the recent videos. I was going to be buyingit anyhow but I didn't expect Insomniac to
    do so much so fast.
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    This Game is Sensational, Insane, Epic, wonderful with the best Graphics I have ever seen. How can they put all the things going-on on screen? You have huge scale, huge aliens, huge numbers of aliens, beautiful effects, water reflections and refractions, amazing open and huge forest, crazy action and game-play. I was not expecting this now, it is exceeding my expectations !!! This is the Game which truly shows what the Black Beast can after 2 years from Launch Can't wait.

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    All the videos have been posted in 2-3 dif threads, the dev walkthroughs can be found here:

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