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Ok. Its not my receiver, and its not my speakers. I have tested them both with various other materials and sources, and its not them.

Its the PS3 I think, and its weird. For instance, last night I was playing a downloaded file off of a torrent, it was a TV show. Sometimes through the show when someone would talk there would be a bit of a crackle noise with it, noting major, but you notice it, and its annoying.. and bad.

OK, so watch another episode, doesn't happen. Ok..... I assume at that point that its the show I downloaded. But it wasn't, it happened on a track I ripped from a CD, but then not again after...... even the same material!

Then I was in the HOME BETA (just got in) and I was in the theater area and it was crackling again, and then again outside by the music area. Crackling at some parts of the song.

Then I go play Socom and other games, no crackle..... same music that crackled before.. no crackle now.

WTF!? It sounds terrible when it happens. I really don't like that, and would like it fixed somehow. Before I call Sony or test the HDMI cable, anyone else experience this at all??
That happened to me while playing COD. This usually happens when you use an HDMI cable. Sometimes it gets bent or something. I tried making it straight and it stopped happening but then it came back again a few months later...

But I know it's your HDMI cable.