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    It's funny because I agree with REFLEX that it is a pretty average game, but I'm still quite enjoying it. Having to stop every minute to clear out each outpost with the assault truck's machine gun is rather tiresome though. I'm not sure why I really expected anything more from Ubisoft but the game definitely falls short somewhere. I like the idea of "missions" in a shooter, I like the open world, I like the large weapon selection and I like hunting for diamonds but, it all just feels a bit "meh" when it comes down to it.

    For anyone bothered about the graphics on the PS3 version, I wouldn't worry too much because the PC version doesn't look half as good as the bullshots either. Other than the very pretty sunrises and sunsets, the game looks average.

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    Well, you've convinced me to stay away from this game, maybe a get it on the cheap but theres too many brilliant titles coming out the purchase a mediocre game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by REFLEX View Post
    Ubisoft has taken EA's throne away of making average let downs.

    In either case, if you like the game or not, do not expect a large online Far Cry 2 community. This game, along with a few others are about to be crushed by LBP, R2, Gears2 and COD5.

    The online for Far Cry 2 feels so dumbed down and slow. Its painful to play. Again, sup-bar on Ubisoft's part.
    REFLEX, cut the crap already man.

    I think everyone knows you hate the game by now, no need to keep posting again and again about it.

    That said, I'm gonna buy the game, as I believe its pretty good, and most of the criticism it got from people on this forum were related to the fact that it wasn't similar enough to CoD4, I think.

    That's actualy something that pisses me off: every goddamn FPS that comes out is compared to CoD4, like that game is the holy grail of shooters. Its what happened when Halo was considered the be-all, end-all of console shooters, and anything that came out was compared to it (Killzone 1), and inevitably (sp?) considered inferior.

    The big problem was that people played only one shooter for so long (CoD4) that now they can't even move on to new shooters...

    And I don't understand why that happens...I have A LOT of hours logged in on CoD 4's multiplayer (I mean it, A LOT of hours), and I'm playing the R2 Beta and I'm loving it, even though the gameplay is completly different.

    Bleh, some people are just strange.

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    Cut the crap? What crap? The fact that I payed 60 dollars for an extremely average title? Perhaps I should ask Ubisoft to do the same. Cut the crap.

    I did not once compare it to COD4, and no one else did either.

    But if you'd like to, it sucks compared to the game play mechanics of that game, and about 10 others.

    It tries to be an open world FPS game, and fails. It tries to be a strong FPS, and fails. Its boring.

    Thats my opinion, yours is no more valid.

    And I'd like to point out that when compared to up coming, and existing titles, it fails. When compared. So, really... when there are so many great games out, and coming out right away, why get this one right away.

    Its going to have a small online community, and an even smaller one in a month. Hardly worth it.

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