There are all together 60 barrels hidden all over Los Angeles. Every 10 barrels you find, you will unlock a cheat. If you want to activate these cheats, hit the start button and in the pause menu tab over to settings, and choose cheat codes. If you haven’t collected at least 10 barrels you will not see this under the settings menu. Go ahead and choose which cheats you want to use than exist out of the menu.

The disadvantage you have with enabling cheats is that your career progression will not continue, also you will not be able to earn money or rep.

You can find out how many collectibles you’ve found by pressing start, than tab over to settings, than choose Statistics.

These 60 collectibles will be in different districts. Such as:
- Hollywood Hills
- Santa Monica
- Westwood
- Century City
- Beverly Hills
- Hollywood
- Downtown

Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Location Map
The following are the cheats you unlock by collecting groups of 10 hidden barrels:

  • Never Damage Out - You can run head on into objects or buildings, even through a gas station with no problems without your car damaging out.
  • Top Down View - This is an added camera view, by using your right bumper it will be available as one of the options name “overhead view”. It shows your car from about 20 plus stories high. (If you guys ever played the very first GTA you will know exactly what I’m talking about.).
  • Unlimited Special Abilities - Which ever special ability you have equiped, with this cheat you can use it as many times as you’d like.
  • No Police - This cheat will make sure you do not see another cop in LA. If you’re tired of being chased, it’s a perfect relaxer.
  • No Fines - Even if you break the law, you’re fine as you will not get fined.
  • Unlimited Nitro - As the name implies, shoot NOS as many times as you’d like.

All Barrel Locations:
( I am writing this guide based on my own findings as well as with the help of a guide, so if you guys have any questions in regards to finding some of these please let me know.)

1. Beverly Hills:
In the Sunset Music parking lot of San Vicente Blvd. There should be a couple of cars parked there, it’s behind them.

2. Westwood:
In the underground parking garage, under the square formed by Hilhard Ave., Broxton Ave., Charles E. Young Dr. and Le Conte Ave. This garage is accessible from the north and south sides.

3. Westwood:
On the grass land between 405 ramp & and the building with a short cut running through it. It’s between Wilshire Blvd and Ohio Ave.

4. Century City:
On the rooftop level of the multiple story parking garage. It’s next to a rooftop structure on the east side of the building.

5. Century City:
This barrel is harder to find than some others. It’s on a steep tennis court between Olympic and Constellation Blvd. You need to use the middle of the three interior jumps through the building to the east of the tennis courts. You’ll jump over Westwood Blvd.

6. Beverly Hills:
On the raised sidewalk shortcut at the La Brea Tar Pits. Drive up onto the elevated courtyard area and look around. You’ll find it next to a wall between S. Fairfax Ave. and N. La Cienega.

7. Hollywood:
In the park there near the monument.

8. Hollywood:
Inside of a large studio warehouse in the middle of the compound. The barrel is actually just inside of the south entrance.

9. Beverly Hills:
This barrel is near a second story window inside the Best Buy, look out try not to damage all the expensive TV’s lol. Enter the parking garage through the northwest entrance and take the first left up the ramp. The barrel is next to the window ramp.

10. Beverly Hills:
Next to the parked cars in the lower Robinson and Company garage in this shortcut between Rodeo Dr. & Beverly Dr. & Santa Monica Blvd.

11. Century City:
On the raised stairs in the middle of the shortcut path at the cross streets of Westwood Blvd & Santa Monica Blvd.

12. Westwood:
On the top level of the parking garage. Which is one of the big garages in Westwood.

13. Century City:
On a walkway under the Century City Grand Hotel & Spa sign, on the aforementioned buildings east side. It’s hard to find. It’s not up one of the many shortcut ramps in this area. You need to drive to the side of the building, than up the ramp under the second story sign.

14. Hollywood:
In the narrow alley shortcut between N. Fairfax Ave. & N. La Cienega, just a bit north of Sunset Blvd.

15. Hollywood:
In the upper deck, in the shortcut parking garage between N. La Brea Ave. & Highland Ave.

16. Hollywood:
This one is inside the American Cinematheque Egyptian Theater’s glass covered shortcut path. It is in the middle of the three divided pathways.

17. Westwood:
This one is in the cemetery shortcut between Kinross Ave. & Wilshire Blvd. near Westwood Blvd.

18. Hollywood:
This barrel is in South Hollywood, under hwy 10, the construction area you have raced by in many races. When you take the turn, you can either go off the little jump or go the other way, where you have to turn right not to hit the wall of debris. The collectible will be right behind you.

19. Beverly Hills:
This is in the corner along the strip mall of the Rodeo Drive.

20. Beverly Hills:
On top of the pit bull building access using the rooftop ramp from the intersection of Miller Dr. and Sweetzer Ave. Drive to the top of the slope slowly and veer left once on the rooftop to find this item.

21. Santa Monica:
This barrel is on the Pacific Park pier, it’s under the Ferris Wheel.

22. Santa Monica:
This is on the Pacific Park pier jump. This is southern most exit found by driving on the south side of the pier.

23. Santa Monica:
This one is easy. It’s on the beach near the lifeguard stand.

24. Santa Monica:
Inside the corner car dealership. Smash through the corner glass wall to retrieve it. This location is at the west end start of Sunset Blvd.

25. Santa Monica:
Inside the car dealership shortcut, off the Le Conte Ave. & N. Sepulveda Blvd.

26. Santa Monica:
This one is on the lawn, near the bench in the courtyard of the large apartment building off of La Conte Ave. & Wilshire Blvd.

27. Santa Monica:
This barrel is on the southern most jump on the west side of Ocean Ave. This is bit west of the end of San Vicente Blvd. This jump sends you north onto Pacific Coast Highway.

28. Santa Monica:
At the top of the northwest stair jump inside the Santa Monica Mall.

29. Santa Monica:
In the large round sand pit near the sidewalk at the intersection of W. Olympic Blvd. & Constellation Blvd.

30. Santa Monica:
This one is inside the beach access tunnel shortcut at the end of 4th street.

31. Santa Monica:
This barrel is on the brick walkway near the apartment building on Main Street.

32. Santa Monica:
This one is near the beginning of the median on the large 3rd Street shop pathway. This barrel is at the beginning or the end depending on how you look, of the row of dolphin bush sculptures.

33. Santa Monica:
Found inside the Angeleno Hotel drive-thru, near the 405 off of N. Sepulveda Blvd.

34. Santa Monica:
Found in the shortcut alley between 3rd Street & Wilshire Blvd.

35. Santa Monica:
This is another barrel that is hard to find. It’s on the rooftop of a parking garage that is only accessible by using a ramp to jump over the 10. Find the large ramp at the south end of 2nd Street, beside the Santa Monica Mall. Try not to drive too fast or you’ll over shoot the rooftop. Slam on both of your brakes when you touch down on the rooftop, the barrel is on the east side of the rooftop.

36. Downtown:
This barrel is in the flood control channel, on the cement base of a power line tower, on the east slope near the freeway entrance tunnels.

37. Downtown:
This one is beside a power line cement base in the middle of the flood control channel.

38. Downtown:
On the ground , in a puddle of the water behind a freeway support beam at the south end of the channel.

39. Downtown:
This barrel is on the raised pathway behind the Exhibition Hall at the base of a ramp that sends you toward a smaller but more effective rooftop ramp. This path can be accessed from the southeastern corner of the Hall.

40. Downtown:
This one is located on the top edge of the highest pathway/ramp on the raised path around the Exhibition Hall. To reach it, enter the Exhibition Hall’s raised encompassing path off of E. 16th Street and Figueroa Street intersection. As soon as you get to the top of the initial ramp, make a U turn and you’ll find a higher ramp that sends you back onto E. 16th Street. This barrel is located at the top of this ramp.

41. Downtown:
This one is on a sidewalk near park benches, next to the Hiett Bank. This is just east of Grand Street and north of 3rd street. Drive off the road onto the small pathway to find this barrel.

42. Downtown:
This one is on the large courtyard walkway/shortcut.

43. Downtown:
This barrel is inside the large underground parking garage near a fork. This is between N. Figueroa Street & Hope Street.

44. Downtown:
Next to the short wall, near the trees in this wide, paved, pedestrian-laden pathway. This location is between Hope Street & Hollywood Blvd.

45. Downtown:
This one is on a sidewalk near park benches, next to the Heitt Bank. This location is just east of Grand Street and north of 3rd Street. Drive off the road onto the small pathway to find this barrel.

46. Downtown:
This barrel is on top of a train car. Use the attached ramp to the north of the train car to reach this barrel. Don’t drive to fast so that you don’t reach over it.

47. Downtown:
This is next to a shack in the rail yard, near the 7-eleven shortcut.

48. Downtown:
This is in the shortcut that runs between Wilshire and 6th Street, this path is between north and south bound Flower & Grand Streets.

49. Downtown:
This is in the shortcut pathway between Grand Street, 3rd Street, 4th Street and Broadway.

50. Downtown:
On the small pathway in the central, walled pathway in front of the Train Station.

51. Hollywood Hills:
This barrel is in the channel shortcut tunnel, under Laurel Canyon Blvd.

52. Hollywood Hills:
This is on the edge of a channel shortcut jump off of Coldwater Canyon Ave. It’s just inside a building next to the 101. On the west side of Coldwater Canyon.

53. Hollywood Hills:
A the base of the freeway support at the west entrance of the channel shortcut under the 101, just off of Ventura Blvd.

54. Hollywood Hills:
This barrel is on the dirt, in the bend on Mulholland Drive, south of the dirt road shortcut.

55. Hollywood Hills:
This one is in the larger shortcut tunnel, by a western bend on Mulholland Drive.

56. Hollywood Hills:
This one is in the shortcut tunnel off of Mulholland Drive.

57. Hollywood Hills:
This one is just to the right of the driveway hill jump on Pyramid Drive.

58. Hollywood Hills:In the Car Wash stall on the corner of Cahuenga Blvd. and Mulholland Drive.

59. Hollywood Hills:
This barrel is under the Pride Bank drive-thru shelter off of Laurel Canyon Blvd.

60. Hollywood Hills:
This one is a tricky one, since it’s on a highway where there is a good amount of barrels, you have to be careful not to miss it. Amongst the other barrels in the middle of the 101, look for the barrels west of the freeway channel entrance. Once again be careful when trying to find this one, it maybe easily missed because it blends in nicely with the other water barrels.

I hope that this was somewhat helpful to you guys in finding the locations of all the barrels. Each person may have their own way of finding them, but this is how I found them and the streets I followed to get to each barrel. Make sure you use the maps along with reading each location to understand where you need to go. If you guys need more helps let me know and we can possibly do a online cruise and find them together.

Once again, hope this helps some people out.