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    Home is pretty damn terrible. In no way is it, or will it, be a system seller.

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    They better have something mindblowing up their sleeves to be able to make that claim confidently.

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    home is not a sytem seller.. games is a console seller.
    home will be good for a while then it will get bored.
    i rather play games and play on line then hang out in a make belive city

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lulz4Food View Post
    And much like people started using MS Windows simply because it was there when they bought their computer, people will use Home in the same way, just because it is there. quote]

    This comparison is very flawed.

    People use Windows because they have to and not because its just "there". Windows/Linux/etc. is an OPERATING SYSTEM, a must have application for all computers, HOME is not.
    Lol... I guess maybe my computer history goes back a little farther that some. I am not talking about today. I am talking about 1983. Microsoft cut deals with a lot of computer makers back then to put their newly released GUI on computers. The systems booted to a DOS prompt. But if you wanted to use it, there it was. Few people used it. The systems of the day were bogged down by it. But it was there and people got used to seeing it.

    Over the years it transformed from a GUI to the OS. And by that time people just used it without much thought else wise. This is how MS got their dominant position.

    I am saying the same for Home. Right now it is just an option. But don't be surprised if in the future it becomes the "OS" of sorts replacing the XMB. I can see how it could move that direction. You have your own home space where you do all the stuff virtually; i.e. launch games, message, watch media, etc.

    Not that this is a bad thing, just possibly the direction Sony is thinking. After all if Home is going to be such a long term big thing it has to go somewhere.

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    Maybe if things like furniture etc was all free and it was funded purely by advertising then Home could be a system seller in the future once it has fully developed.

    If they are considering asking people to pay for things that would otherwise (if free) make Home something attractive to them (i.e. decorate their space etc) then it has no chance.

    Who the hell is going to pay 2/$3 for a chair for a virtual house on the net when we are in a recession and that money would be much better used to go towards buying a weekly food shop!


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    I don't know if it is a system seller, but I definitely find it to be a good resource for finding people to play with.

    I was just bowling earlier with a couple people who didn't have keyboards. A random guy came up and I commented about how we had the same outfit on. We just got to talking back and forth and ended up playing Resistance 2 together. Someone from his buddy list and someone from mine joined up and we had a nice little group to play some co-op.

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    I can not see Home being a system seller for Sony...people spending $400 for a social network just isn't going to happen.
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    I'm not going to try and convince you guys that Home will become great, because I cannot predict the future. If it becomes great then it becomes great. If it doesn't, then it doesn't. But I do personally believe that Home will become pretty big in time.

    I doubt many people will buy a PS3 just for Home, but it could certainly be a strong draw for people once it starts reaching its potential. I can definitely see people being excited to become a part of the PS3's robust 3D online community rather than Xbox Live. But we'll have to see if Sony delivers.

    And why is everyone pissed at the PR? They were asked a question about Home and they feel it has a lot of potential. Sony rarely ever puts down Microsoft like Microsoft puts down Sony (at least for the last couple years). I don't see anything wrong here. Since when is confidence bad?

    Seriously people.

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    lmao, who are they kidding?

    a sausage fest is a system seller?

    not even in their dream

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    no....just.....blatently no..

    i say this but i was well excited about home and i didnt believe all the people saying it wasnt tht great so still hyped myself up for it but was then dissapointed when we got it. So maybe just maybe the hype over it will make people want a ps3 that little bit more!
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