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    i just had the wierdest thought about killzone...

    i think the game was based on the war on iraq.


    on what i can understand on the game Vekta planet is the place where helghast live in(IRAQ)

    then ISA colonized VEKTA in other words they invaded the planet just like "USA" invaded IRAQ.

    and they changed "U" to "I" ISA=USA

    then helghast started to fight "ISA" just like terrorist/rebels retaliating againts USA

    most scenes in the game depicts ISA soldiers getting slughtered similar to those american soldiers (almost 2000+) died.

    one of your missions is to kill "LENTE" one of the top general of the helghast army is similar to either saddam hussein getting captured or that Terrorist leader that got killed in an airstrike.

    one if the "ISA" generals named "General Adams" is similar to US President George W Bush because General Adams mishandled the war just like the controversies surrounding the "War on Terror"

    in the last scenes of the game where a fleet of earth ships to help "ISA" is like UK and other contries that US asked help to support thier army.

    thats only the stuff i can think of as of now...
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    In my opinion, the story of Killzone resembles World War 2. The Helghast are like the Germans, united under a dictator, and start to invade. The ISA feebly attempts to hold them back. The battles though, resemble the Vietnam war, with the hasty evacuations and the jungle ambushes.

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    Its a game based on war and with that you can relate it to any war. beacuse there is usually two sides and one side starts the fight.

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    In all actuallity, ISA didn't invade Vedka, The Hellghast... who live on Helghan invaded Vedka to start a campaign against the ISA. Much like Hitler tried to control the world with his superior race the Helghast want to control the universe because they believe they are superior.

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    We have a Killzone Sticky for this.

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