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    I'm looking for a song... help?

    I'm looking for a song that's present (Or was atleast) in Naruto. I wanted to know if it even exist for download. Help would be appreciated and thanks.

    [ame=""]YouTube - NAME THAT SONG![/ame]

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    Want help finding a song go to this site. =)

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    It is on one of the Naruto soundtracks. I had them all at one point but never really listened to them as they had a ton of those little interludes to Naruto doing something stupid which kind of ruined the flow of not only the anime but my music library too lol. Anyways I downloaded them to listen to them before I went to my local anime con and bought them. Glad I did cause I didn't end up paying 50 or 60 bucks a CD (yeah imported CDs are stupid prices but I am addicted).

    Anyways that has to be off the first or second soundtrack to the original series (not Shippuden). Can't remember which sorry.

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