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1080p recording, panoramic photographs, turn by turn navigation, thinner and lighter, big screen etc.

The S2, the HTS Sensation etc all have had these for a while.

Oh and 8MP cameras and LTE capabilities ahve been done already too.
It's not the first time they've copied though. Which makes the whole lawsuit thing even More laughable.
Everybody copies everybody. The iphone is the best smart phone on the market imo. Samsung makes nice phones, but HTC is junk. Personally I think Andoid is an okay OS, but IOS is much better. I have owned three high end Andoid phones before switching to the iphone 4s.

IOS is smoother than Android. Even playing with a Samsung Galaxy s 3 you can still feel a little delay when using the home screen. My iphone is smooth as butter.

No force closes. The phone and apps just work.

No need to reset my phone or pull out a battery.

Apps don't run in the background killing the battery.

Battery life is 2x as good as most high end android phones.

Better quality apps.

No spyware in the app store.

Yes it does have a smaller screen, but anything over 4" is just too big to hold comfortably unless you have large hands. The iphone 5's screen is going to be perfect.

Android phones have nothing going for it, so heres what they do every year. Increase screen size and increase processor speed (even though nothing uses them to their capacity). No other manufacturer does as much r&d on phones as apple, and it shows in the quality of their product. People who hate on apple are just trying to be different or can't afford their products. I was an Android fan and could not understand why Apple products were loved so much. When Sprint finally got the Iphone I gave it a try and fell in love. It's why apple products show record profits year after year. Nothing can even compete with the Ipad either lol. Hundreds of Android tablets, and the ipad still holds 68% market share.