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Thread: Blu-Ray > DVD

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    Blu-Ray > DVD

    i`m looking for some links about games are problem with XBOX 360 DVDs & need Blu-Ray . or developers said Blu-Ray will be needed.

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    BD is very much at the moment for future prove.
    Very much like DVD was when PS2 was first hit the market.
    It provides a much large space to play with so future prove.

    As for developers' side it's more about sercurity.
    Since BD is going to give them a much better sercurity against pirating.
    Not comfirmed though, but sony and it's PS3 3rd parties decided to use BD because of sercurity.

    But even with Wmv9 and H264 to put large amount of 720p and 1080p moive file is going to be hard for DVD.
    A 30min 720p H264 file in good bit rate is bout 400MB~800MB.
    A average RPG has about 30 to 60 min of moive.
    SO you are looking at waste 1GB just on putting moives on your game.
    What about 5.1 sound, high resolusion 3D frame works, mapping files?
    I won't say you will need over 10GB very soon, but it is possible in the future.
    SO BD is just future prove, and it plays BD moives, which I love to have.

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    Well maybe you could talk about how 360 can destroy discs if you turn the console from top to side, during play.....and maybe with BD (Which can withstand steelwool) it a scratch like that wouldn't hinder gameplay...

    Of course theres no trial experiments with that yet....but you could at least bring it up? :P

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    There's the sticky for it. Lots of what you are looking for in there.

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