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That was my problem with dbz, but it makes perfect sense in naruto. I'll discuss it once the anime gets there. Kishi is a great writer when it comes to handling "power creep"
I look forward to hearing it.

I thought dbz was able to get away with it because they really gave the audience such a strong feeling of internally escalating power that it didnt seem that forced. That might be all due to the screaming, but when you think Goku has nothing left and the situation is so emotionally charged that he just erupts into a whole new level of power, all boys secretly wish to have that moment and it just connects well. It's annoying for me in naturo when they go up like 2 or 3 levels in one fight. there's no build up or sublty. It just cuts through any dramatic build up and you can't enjoy it as much. When Rock Lee opened his first gate, it was incredible, then when he went 2 gates I was about to die. Then all of a sudden he more than doubles, goes to 5, and still loses. what the $#@!. it's just the lamest $#@! in the world.