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    Quote Originally Posted by Lirion View Post
    It's not the motion controls that made me not buy the Wii, I didn't buy it because I didn't want a next-gen consol with Game Cube hardware. People seem to think the reason someone doesn't buy the Wii is because of the motion controls which may be true for some but certainly not for all.
    Good Post.

    The wii is fun but not something id want to use on a regular basis the graphics and style of games just dont do it for me. Far play to Nintendo they have converted a lot of non-gamers into gaming. I wasnt all that interested in the MOVE probably as i knew little about it but after seeing SOCOM, Tiger woods and that fighting game im much more interested also the sports games could be something that me and the girlfriend could play together. IF the price is reasonable enough I might buy it but im not paying silly money.
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