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    Error 80028ED6 can't play online!

    I sign in and then I get signed out right after! What's the DEAL?

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    ****, man, that's a critical error regarding your PlayStation's network card. Call Sony ASAP!

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    Do you use a router?

    Reset your router and see if that works, the same thing happened to me a few times before. Some times it fixed itself and others it worked after resetting my router.
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    Found this..........

    For some reason I was searching the web trying to find how to fix the error 80028ED6, when the explanation for it just popped into my head.
    When a Disc is inserted into the the Playstation 3, it loads the icon and says the game name.
    You click on the game name and it begins to load the game.
    If you have signed into the Playstation Network the game searches for an update every time you begin the game.
    If there isn't an update the game continues loading and lets you use the online features
    If the game has an update it will download it and then let you play online. Otherwise you if you don't update it, you can't use the online features.
    I believe the problem is it can't search for the update when it starts the game so it decides to give us an error (80028ED6)
    As for not being able to sign in in-game, once it skips the part where it checks for an update, it can't look for it while in the game.
    It doesn't let you play online because it has skipped the part where it checks for the update.
    Therefore giving the error (80028ED6) means the PS3 system does not know whether there is an update or not so it will not let you use the online features.
    I don't know if this makes much sense and I also don't have a reason why the PS3 would not be able to search for an update.
    I'm still looking into the problem.
    PS If anyone else is experiencing this error (80028ED6) please post. I know my friend is and I am.
    and this

    Frustrations can set it easily when ps3 80028ed6 strikes you. You get signed out, or should i say, get kicked out!

    You could try turning off the ps3 and turning it back on. Include in your list of off-and-on the router and modem. If that works, then good for you, it's just a minor glitch! Too bad, because in many cases, it doesn't work.

    ps3 80028ed6: some good repair tips

    Here are some ps3 80028ed6 repair tips to try:

    Enable port forwarding. This presents a greater chance of working than just the turn-off-turn-on procedure. This is specially true if you're using a router, because routers tend to block incoming/outgoing traffic if not configured properly.

    Direct modem connection. Removing the router out of the way and connecting the modem directly into the ps3 console. If this works, then at least you know exactly where the problem lies.

    Wired and wireless connections. If you're using a wireless network connection, it's time you change it to wired. There have been instances wherein a wireless connection seems to be causing errors like ps3 80028ed6, specially if you're getting poor signal strength.

    If everything else seems to fail, then we are looking at a game server problem. That means the real problem is no longer in your network settings, but on the PSN itself. What to do at this point? Either wait and retry connecting, since definitely they would have it fixed sooner or later, before people starts getting real pissed off from ps3 error code 80028ed6 and decide to call it quits

    Seems to only be a temporary thing. Most people complaining about it could sign back in on the same night. Are you in a DMZ?

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    I think I got this 2 days ago too and after a while I tried signing in again and it said the PS Network was currently down for maintance. Maybe that's it?

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    Doesn't seem like it should be a long-lasting deal. I'd take a break and try again in a couple hours. Normally these errors resolve themselves where it's a PSN-related issue.
    I've never had one last any length of time, except for the clock issue when all PS3s wouldn't sign on for 24 hours...and that's been patched.

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