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    The Official PSP hack/mod thread. (READ THE OP FOR RULES)

    In light of recent events, it has been decided that it is best to have all discussion on these matters in one place, stickied. There has also been a revision of the PSU rules with regards to these issues and these are stated below:

    'All information regarding hacking/modding the Playstation 3 will go into one sticked thread in the PS3 Discussion sub-forum. All information regarding hacking/modding the Playstation Portable (and any of its subsequent successors) will go into one sticked thread in the PS1, PS2 & PSP Discussion sub-forum. In these threads, no links to forums or news sites discussing how the hack/mod can be achieved will be tollerated. In addition, links to websites selling hardware pre-hacked/modded, or offering to sell equipment that can be used to hack/mod the PS3 and PSP are banned.'

    All posts in this thread and the rest of the forum must adhere to these rules. The official rule list will be updated on the 22/08/2010, but from this point forward, these are the PSU rules regarding these activities and posts.

    Discuss the topic within those rules.

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    I am very surprised no one has commented on this thread yet? There are quite a few people here to are into modding
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    I have two PSPs. A CFW'd with M33 and plugins, and an OFW machine I got for 60 bucks. Actually, the OFW machine was my first PSP, and I used to have CFW on it. I got a slim for official stuff, then I found out I could hack it, so I had 2 CFW machines, then I wanted some new demos, so I went to OFW on my Fat PSP.
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    I have a psp with 6.35pro-B5 cfw which has a recovery menu it is not permanant so if i turn off my psp the cfw goes away but you can get it back with the fast recovery app it works with all psp models including the go.

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    i have the 6.60 firmware with the recovery thing like limetime, I actually use my PSP more then my Vita right now because of the mass selectionn of games available online.

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