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    Quote Originally Posted by Kakihara_Anjo View Post
    lol I've been lurking in these threads for the same reason. Nobody liked Devil May Cry for the characters or story did they? The gameplay was really fun, but characters and story were laughably bad.

    That doesn't make them bad games. I love symphony of the night for instance, for gameplay exclusively. It had the worst dialogue in any game.
    Exactly, brother!

    Symphony of the Night is one of my favourite games (hence my Castlevania signature), and yes, the story and dialogue are so terrible it's actually funny!

    Now if it turns out the gameplay in DmC is terrible, then I think people will have reason to be annoyed.
    Being upset about the "story" of DMC being damaged, I can only laugh, as there was never was any "story" to begin with, just fun gameplay. If it was something like a Bioshock, Final Fantasy, or any other story driven game that ruins the story, then I would understand (well FF has already been ruined by SE).

    I love how people were so upset about the new Dante's 'emo' look. Was the whole Cole from Infamous argument again but multiplied by 10!
    He looks like a modern indie kid. Whether you like that or not really is up to you, but why don't you take a look at the old Dante with his silver curtains, and tell me with a straight face that he is not a big walking cliche.
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