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    Xbox Sales and Numbers Thread

    Alright... with the rules revision, comes the return of sales threads to the 360 section of the forum.

    In the past, this section was banned from having sales threads because of massive flaming from members both pro and anti-360. This will NOT be tolerated again.

    In order to keep the thread open, and healthy, there will be some guidelines that will be heavily moderated:
    • Absolutely NO mention of PS3, Wii, DS, PSP, etc... in the thread. The discussion will revolve around the numbers posted for the 360 and what it means. In the past, the threads turned into instant comparison threads, got derailed, then closed. No one wants that. So to avoid it, no one is allowed to post things like "well the PS3 sold ### two weeks earlier than 360 did at the same point in its life"... not only is the number meaningless, it brings the PS3 into a discussion that it does not belong to.
    • Derailing, insults, harassment, etc.. also NOT tolerated. Users will enjoy a bypass of the warning feature on the infraction board. Repeat offenders will be banned from posting in the entire 360 subforum, not just the numbers thread.
    • VGChartz is not a reliable source for numbers, as they are not an official reporting agency. They can be discussed, but to quote them as a source of verifiable information should be avoided.
    • Anyone bringing a sold to consumer vs. sold to retail argument into the thread will have their posts deleted.
    Let's try to keep it civil, and on topic.
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