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Man its not like im just starting right now exercising. I exercise already 1 and a half year and i was able to see progress so i have a realistic vision. And dont tell me about soccer players as i really dont respect them that much. Most soccer players are small and have an awful body structure, i mean look at messi and compare him to a guy like dwayne wade, it looks like a small boy standing next to a beast.
Well judging by your comments you have a really strange view on exercising; training at home and being afraid of becoming ''big'' kind of shows that you're not really familiar with all of these things. Trust me I've been in your position, thinking crunches and push-ups would tone my body into looking muscular. Truth is, you'll get a realistic vision on what you can really achieve after you've trained for years with many different styles, aswell as done thorough research on the subject.

Also soccer players body structures have really nothing to do with the subject, I merely used it as an example. The amount of calories they would need to maintain muscle mass would be crazy since running around the pitch for 90 minutes is fairly taxing. I'm not that active with soccer though, so my muscle mass is just a big advantage. That's what I was trying to say.