Metal Gear Solid IV: Guns of the Patriots

Graphics- 10/10
Both gameplay and cutscene (though especially cutscene) graphics are great; still some of the best I've seen this gen.

Gameplay- 7.5/10 You can go about a variety of ways....guns blazing, or stealthy without barely killing anyone....the job gets done either way. The fact that this is basically a movie with some gameplay lowers my score a bit.

Story - 9.5/10 Very in-depth and interesting story. Can get a little over your head if you're not aware of the prequels however. Sometimes finds itself getting a little too abstract. But the minds behind the story give us something we can think about.

Sound- 9.5/10 Beautiful and appropriate score for the different environments and emotions.

Replay Value- 9/10 It was my second playthrough since release day, and I'm not much of a "re-player" per say unless the games really have something to offer. I can see myself playing this at least once more.

Online N/A

Overall- 9.5/10 Still one of my favorite games this gen. Beautiful and a massive story. The only big problem, like Gamespot says, is the single player campaign ends...