Arkham City - 10/10

This doesn't mean that the game is absolutely perfect. It just means it is incredibly enjoyable, the story is fantastic, the characters, combat, environments... everything about it is fantastic. I would recommend it to anyone, fan of comics or not.

There is also plenty to do in the game. Definitely worth a purchase. Hell, I wish I had the incentive to pick it up earlier. I would have happily given $60 for this gem.

Starhawk - 7/10

Not a bad game IMO, however there are balance issues. This causes some games to be simply awful. I entered a TDM game that was 34-1. My mind was blown by the amount of sheer incompetence I witnessed.

As for the campaign, it isn't so much of a campaign as it is a fairly long tutorial. However, this game was always meant to be primarily a multiplayer title. Although, sometimes, it seems to fail in even that department.