Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

Graphics- 8/10 Graphics looked much better than the first too games, with texture and lighting quality

Gameplay- 9/10 The gameplay is ideal, it's an easy but fun combat system and you get to make lots of jumps and wall climbing

Story - 9/10 I found the story very appealing compared to the other two; they went more in depth with Desmond and showed Ezio's life after he opened the vault and became a true assassin.

Sound- 8/10 Everything sounds pretty realistic, but it is a game; it can't be perfect

Replay Value- 6/10 After you beat the game it starts to lose value; the story line made the game amazing but without it, it's just running around and killing random people and racing(it's still fun though)

Online- 2/10 I found the online gameplay very boring, you aren't able to do a lot of things you're normally able to do; plus if you're new, it's almost impossible to get any kills

Overall- 8/10 This game has raised to the top as one of my favorite games