So at my house i have a media closet down the hall from the tv we use so that we dont have to see anything but the tv on the wall. all the wiring for everything is ran through the attic. the problem i am having is getting the camera to work from so far away. we have tried many things already including, cutting the wire and extending it with cat5(didnt work), we reconnected all wiring and the camera still works, next we tried a usb extender with an amplifier but it didnt end with a usb male/female so we had to get a connector and that didnt work, then we tried a usb line extension that uses cat5(ethernet)wire in the middle of 2 usb connectors(what happened with this is the cameras red light would come on and the ps3 would say usb camera and show a black square for about 2 seconds then it would disappear), so what i am asking for is a solution that someone else has done because i cant be the only person with this problem. Worst of all we called sony and they said we couldnt do anything.Bullsh**.