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    Guys, I need some help...

    I am stupid in the first place for doing this, I shouldn't be on the computer right now, although no one's home and I can't use my phone. Also, you guys are the only real message board that can possibly help me.

    Well, the story is that I pranked called this girl, alright. My friend and I did, back in late July. We called this girl twice at my friends house, and the next morning, the cops call, saying that there's been prank calling on his phone. Supposedly, the family that we've been pranking has a recording of what me and my friend said, and the cops tell us that it's 'full of filth'. I am sure that when we called this girl on that day, we never threatened of harassed her in any way. The family is pressing charges, so I have no idea of what to do.

    Yesterday evening, I get a call from the police on my cell phone. Long before my friend and I pranked this girl on his phone, we always used the cell phone. On the cell phone, I know we did call her bad names...but I can not exactly remember what was said. The cops called the cell twice they said, but I've only got one call from them. Also, I believe my friend ratted me out on this, because my phone is always blocked, and when the cop called he wanted to know who the phone was registered under.

    I'm thinking about not answering the phone when the cops call again. I know this is probably the worst thing to do, but I don't know what to do.

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    I say screw your friend and don't answer the cell.

    yes I know it's a terrible advice.

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    Pff, that is difficult. First of all, I shouldn't refuse answering your phone from the cops, that can only make things worse.
    And do you actually have a good explanation of why you did it? Please tell a little bit more about this. Otherwise I can't really help you with this.

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    Well, prank calling is not that serious. But, to a certain extent, it can get serious. Especially if 'teh women' are involved. Be glad it was a prank call and not something more serious like rape or stalking. My advice is turn yourself in. The cops know more things than you know and probably have more ways of contacting you if you don't. Trust me, not answering the phone is like resisting arrest. So, answer the phone.

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    Thanks for the feedback, guys, really means alot.

    The reason I did it was because, well me and my friends are kinda the goofy crowd of people...we always do this when we are with each other. We also know the girl, since she goes to our school, and since my friend got her number, it just makes it all the best. Otherwise I have no real reason why we did it, simply we had the number, and knew the girl.

    The police both called my cell yesterday and my friends house yesterday. When I got the message, I tryed to call the cop back, although it was pretty late at night and he wasn't there. My friend said he had a guest over at this house to the cop, so he couldn't talk.

    And the thing is, I really have no idea what my friend and I supposedly said that they recorded. We never do any threatening. The thing I fear is that we possibly could of brought some sexual themes into while pranking her, but I am completely lost when it comes to it.

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    I have to agree with Keesie on that fact that not answering a call from the police is a bad idea. Think about it...when the cops knock on the door wanting to come in AND they know you're in the house, it only takes a matter of a minute or so before they bust in. They WILL find a way to get to you in some form or another, so my advice would be to just talk to them and they'll most likely make you come clean.

    If so, what's the worst thing they could do to you? The parents say they're pressing charges for harassment right? Well, you're probably under the age where they could do anything to you that's worth worrying about. I'm sure the situation is quite nerve racking for you, but it's not the end of your life and it'll make a nice conversation piece later on in life.

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    always comply with cops. Now, saying that, don't sit there and say you did things you didn't. If you feel they start pushing you to say you did something that you know is totally untrue, just be respectful and quiet.

    This is going to sound bad, but I have been arrested and know that it is always best to work with the police. Because of giving them information, they helped us out when it came to trial time.

    I'd try to figure out what the hell my friend told them first, and gauge whether he is lying or not. Then answer the phone when the call comes. But once again, self-incrimination is a bad thing. Be cooperative, but succinct.

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    Answer the cell...just state your apologies and that you are TRULY sorry and that you will never do it again. And say it using advanced grammer (ex: please accept my condolences) it usually works.

    But the most important part is to explain your self that you never tried to hurt the girl and that you were just joking and that you will NEVER do it again. (stress the word never).

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    lol me and a friend did that with my ex girlfrined last year. Like a week later we were called into the principals office and almost got suspension. Luckily I was able to get my friend and I out of about half an hour of talking. Your situation is way more serious though and I hope everything turns out fine. If you can you might want to talk to the girl and seriously apologize.

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    Ok, I got some new information.

    I guess my mom called the police department today, and the detective is out of town until next Monday. According to him, if he doesn't find out who the cell belongs to, he's gonna place a court order on the phone by next Tuesday. I guess I HAVE to call him and tell him now.

    I called my friend, and according to him, the recording the girl made with her family does not have a number traced to it. So, it could be anyone. But since we pranked her a couple times, they are going to assume its us. I'm going to hold out until I hear that recording.

    Also, thanks for all the new posts, this is calming me down a bit.

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