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    Smackdown vs. Raw 2006 Hacks

    Okay, so I've been playing SvR 2006 a lot lately, and am tired of stacking just two tables on top of each other. I've seen multiple videos on youtube that show a ton of tables, maybe even like eight, being used all at once. Now I am aware that there are table hacks, and wall hacks to get to more tables, but the SvR 06 message boards that I have visited showing the "hacking" that allows this are a little advanced for me. Does anyone have a very very simple way of explaining the process to me?

    By the way: I do have a Gameshark.

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    I've looked around the internet everywhere and I cant find a single cheat/code for what you want, are you sure its real? Im sorry but I dont think there is such a thing.
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    Check that video out and look at the table hacks he uses.

    This is his third video, but all the ones of the guy bouncing around from ladder to ropes are edited. The table hacks he uses I don't really understand how to work. He also uses a wall hack to get to the RAW Commentary Table. The hacks you have to enter are just way to complicated for me and I don't understand them. Just looking for an easier way to do them

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