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    Will It Be Different?

    I wonder If We would have to buy new games for it.

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    If you are talking about having to buy new games for the PS3, no you don't have to since it can play all Playstation and Playstation 2 games. However, if you want to play cutting-edge games, you are going to have to buy them. (Pirating is illegal and should be frowned upon)
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    Wow, look around the forum, yes we will have to buy new games for it just like we had to buy new games for the ps2, but if what you are asking is is it backwards compatible with the ps1 and 2 the answer is yes, it will be compatible with those.

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    Re: Will It Be Different?

    Quote Originally Posted by bgarrett
    I wonder If We would have to buy new games for it.
    Wow, well you won't have too. You can still play the PS2 and original Playstation games on the PS3, but if you want next gen games you will have to buy new games. The Xbox 360 can play some Xbox games. The Nintendo Revolution can play Gamecube games, and can download all other Nintendo games from all the Nintendo consoles.

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    [LIVE]Gas Powered Games working on next-gen title

    Gas Powered Games, famous for the Dungeon Siege series and the recently released Supreme Commander, have confirmed that it's working on a next-generation console title.

    We don't know much about the title, but it'll be a whole new IP and it will be the first time that the companies had a go at developing a console project as the team normally creates PC games, so it'll be interesting to see what they can code up.

    Gas Powered Games promises that this new game will surprise fans of their previous role-playing and real-time strategy games.

    We'll keep you informed on anything more we hear about it.

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