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That's me on DUST 514. I gave up on standard military FPS games after that. I really don't play anything else at the moment. That and EVE Online.
Oh thats cool lol.

@Nitey I need to get back into it. I got it a while after release and played it like a mad man for a couple weeks but haven't touched it in ages. It was definitely enjoyable so I'll try it again soon.

The game is an amazing friend and specailly the online as it provide variety of ways to earn kills, use tactice, and or be creative. Iam an expert in BF3 online loool. I shoot an airplane with the RBG or with tanks .

@Cyn I certainly do
Took a long break but got back into it a couple months ago and have nearly doubled my play time (over 400 hours now)
Half the time it's just a rage fest what with the admins and plenty of lag and stuff but I just keep playing it. BF3 addict over here. I took a break when I got it first, and than my friend who is an expert in it, started teaching until I understood how to play the game. And since than my friend there is no stoping lol.

@daL Used to be me as well, haven't played it for weeks now though I get to busy, but I'll clear some things out when End Game arrives for sure.

Make sure to come back and enjoy the online. For me, its daily over 5 or 7 hours .

@Kawaiius You guys really make me wanna trade in black ops 2 and get battlefield lol
Yeah, man do it as its better trust me. Just understand how it plays and you will love it a lot as I did.