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    General Politics Thread

    It is self evident that current Democratic president, President Obama, will run on the Democratic ticket, but the Republican nomination is still up for grabs. The purpose of this thread will be to track the nomination process and then transition into election coverage. I know politics can be hot and controversial, but please respect other peoples opinions.

    I personally would like to see Mitch Daniels of Indiana run. According to Op-Ed Columnist for the New York Times, David Brooks
    Since 2004, the 49 other states in the nation increased their debt levels by an average of 40 percent. Indiana has paid down its debt by 40 percent. Indiana received its first Triple-A bond rating in 2008, and now it is one of only nine states to have the highest rating from all three rating agencies.

    At the same time, the business climate has improved significantly. Infrastructure spending is at record levels. The state has added jobs at twice the national average. For the first time in four decades, more people are moving in than moving out.
    In a time of bloating budgets and irresponsible governing, Mitch Daniels led Indiana to prosperity. Mitch is reluctant about running and it appears he will need much coaxing to do the job. Reminds me almost of Eisenhower, who is often cited as one who was reluctant to take the job, but did it for the underlying need for him to do so.
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