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    I wish Sony would rework the what's new section on your PS3.

    I believe it would be smart for Sony to develop an algorithm (or contract google to) that would use your trophy data, "game playing" data, and download list to customize your suggestions on the whats new page.

    Maybe this is because I'm getting annoyed with seeing offers to download the demo for a game I already have, or DLC I've already bought.

    This would be smart for Sony from an advertising standpoint, and would give consumers less of a "why are you showing me this?" feeling.

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    I can't disagree with that. I've always felt that the What's New area wasn't really necessary the way it is now and they basically shoe horned it in (I don't think it belongs the way they have it set up.)

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    I feel as though the whole PS Store needs to be reworked. A section for PSThree Classics (BD discs like ME2, Dante's Inferno, inFamous, etc), PSTwo Classics (HD Classics here like GoW, PoP, etc...if they ever put the SD versions in the store they would divide it like they do movies), NeoGeo, PCEngine, Dreamcast sections (likewise if they ever put SD versions they would divide it like the movie store). Later they would add a PSP HD section as well.

    Every time I log into the store I think of about 20 things that can be improved.

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    i think the whole store is terribly designed.
    for one, if you have a games description written in white, on a white background picture(e.g. burnout paradise) then i can't read it. its common sense

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