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    People complained about Sony?!?!?

    All we heard here and on other forums connected to Sony was that they took too long to notify people that they were hacked. Read the article I linked, please.

    Citibank was hacked back in MAY and they're just letting the public know NOW!?!?!?!? This is a freaking banking company whose main job is to protect people's assets. Yet it took them this long to tell the public that "Oops. Someone got in and took some of your information. Sorry?"

    We attacked Sony for waiting a week or two before saying a thing with the word hack in it or about personal information. I can see now why they waited a bit and understand. But this is Citibank and they should have known better. Very disappointed in them.

    Now what will happen to the hackers if caught? Will the law enforcement group that get them get hack like Spain did after they arrested some from Anonymous? Will we have to worry about a full-scale attack on the cyber-network that we've all come to depend on for all our needs? All I can say is when caught and by whom ever gets them the fullest extent of the law should be use against these people. They've stepped up from nuisances to now cyber-terrorists and treated as such. As for the companies that been hack,if it is found that their security of these files & such was so failing that almost anyone could get into it they should be fined on top of anything in placed by laws to prevent this from happening.

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