It has been brought to my attention that a lot of items reported as broken are hard to fix because of insufficient data supplied at the time of the complaint.

So, from here on out, we need to follow some guidelines set forth from the folks that handle this sort of thing.

Some essential information needed:
  • browser (version, name, etc..)
  • what page were you on (in forums, on main page, etc..)
  • what link did you click on? (copy the link location and paste it if a link issue)
  • Get a screenshot
  • Date/Time (useful for things like server issues and 404 errors)
  • Country you are in (country is useful for tracking down ad issues, as they're all geo-targetted)
  • What EXACTLY is a certain forum function doing that you deem wrong

Basically, we need as much info as possible from people because we usually get things like "there are 404s in the forums" and it is left at that. Frankly… doesn't matter who you are, that's not useful.

Be extremely descriptive... more information means we can work faster to get to the root of the issue.