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    Help!! Drive KEM-410FCA Help.

    Hi i am in need of help to identify my lens on my fat ps3 CECHL01 i try to look for the deck model but i only find two different kind that don't match up with my deck. the lens have no model number on it or on the back just a sticker with 5221 08 1022 1144

    i know the image is blurry best one my phone can take

    here's the deck pic that i cant find the lens for KEM-410FCA?

    would it be okay to replace the lens with a KES-410A or KEM-410ACA???
    the Drive plays cd, dvd, no blue ray games or movies? it trys to load them but fails with error code or it just dosen't popup..... the blue ray movies will show the movie but fail at loading it or will get an error code.My ps3 fat is up to date as of 8/7/2011 i have tried everything i can try safely but this is the last resort to replace the lens.
    and were would be the best place to buy the lens online from the US?

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    Are you sure that is a FCA and not ACA? Nothing shows up for the FCA but there are several for the ACA, supposed to have dual lens? You can't just get the laser module, you have to get it on the deck but it is just a swap of the ribbon cable then. If it actually is a FCA, there might be some on ebay.
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    yeap pretty sure its an FCA it has the mark on the deck on the pic and on the sticker thanks for the reply will wait on more info if it can be replaced with a ACA thanks for the link its bookmarked
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