Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, the source of this information is me. "I AM NOT A LINK!"

No where in googleland could I find reference to the real war and its not Crysis Console vs PC.
If Crysis 2 is any indication, then I will be buying the Xbox 360 version. The PS3 version is inferior.

Game industry assume the kids, students and young adults that play video games are ignorant and/or stupid. This is why CVG lies and says "The Best Looking Game On Console".

Last winter pre release all they showed was Xbox 360 Crysis 2. It was suspected (correctly) that the PS3 version was inferior because of this.

Last week they release a Crysis console trailer. And its not PS3. Xbox 360 was and still is the showcase for Crysis Console. So if you were me, you would buy the Xbox 360 version.