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I am only creating this thread to help those with both console choose the better platform for this game. Last night my neighbor and I compared the PS3 and 360 version on the exact same tv with the exact same settings. I really thought the PS3 was going to outperform the 360. To my surprise I found that the 360 was better from head to toe. I also feel that this would only be an issue if you try to compare the games yourselves. You would probably never notice the issues if you only played the PS3 version.The Xbox 360 version is more vibrant. The colors really pop out. Everything is very smooth but there is sometimes a split second delay with the graphics. You will notice the textures are blurry then the detail pops in. It happens very fast so it is not something that should annoy you. The PS3 however seems to do this more often and takes a tad longer for the detail to set in. Also during the opening sequence I noticed the PS3 version would chug or stagger a little more than the 360.The PS3 graphics seem to have a slight white mist about it. Almost like you have chlorine in your eyes. Overall both games are outstanding and those with only a PS3 will not think anything about the graphics and such. Unless of course you play the game on the 360 eventually.Bottom line - Those with both consoles may want to grab this game on the 360. It is full 1080p and seems to run a little better.I do hope this does not start any sort of flame war.The games were tested on a new 320gb Slim Xbox 360 and a 120gb Slim PS3. Both games were full installed to their console.
I've had alot of playtime with both versions and I totally agree with your observations. +rep