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    Quote Originally Posted by BoyBettaKnow View Post
    Comparisons are very useful to people who have the choice where they can play their games.
    Ah, but this is where the console idiocy factors in. How many posts across multiple forums start this way, "I own all three consoles but ...", always the "but" thrown in and we should all know where that goes by now. This was much more common about 5 years ago when Wii was considered on the same "fun" level as the PS3 and 360. And it wasn't PS3 fans that came up with terms like Wii360, another short lived propaganda effort.

    Then there is the common phrase, which goes in the totally opposite direction of the statement you made above, "The platform doesn't matter, it is all about the games". According to that well-worn rationalization, then it shouldn't matter which platform the game is played on because "it is all about the game".

    The simple fact is all of these overly used, time-worn cliche's of this console generation are total bull$#@!, most often used as a feinting ruse. The simple truth is people are going to have preferences. Why try to present human nature as something it is not or is not based on reality?

    Yes, comparisons might be useful for "people who have the choice where they can play games" (which is kind of a nonsensical statement, since playing games is a totally voluntary activity anyway and nobody is forced to play them, anywhere). The problem is if the comparison is trustworthy, without some agenda behind it, and how much value the comparison actually has. In the past few years, this has meant doctored screen captures, switching platform screen capture cons, outright lies, using direct feed captures compared to smart phone off-screen captures, dissecting and comparing 360p streams, frame by frame, using alpha screen captures to compare to a release title, so on and so on, ad absurdum.

    The simple reality is comparison threads, posts, blogs, tweets, websites, video reviews, et. al. are going to continue, no matter what. But the intensity has really been muted since the peak several years ago. To this end, the devs have put a lot of effort to make multi-platforms match the idealistic view, that the game is about the game, not the platform it is on, except the PC where it is far ahead of the consoles and getting further as technology marches on.
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    That's why I only really trust DF comparisons but nether-the-less I still like to have comparisons regardless of where they are from. I never got into the console war so sites with hidden agendas never got on my nerves as I pay no attention to them.

    At the end of the day there are those of us that like comparisons as they are beneficial to us and there are those that have no need for them. If your the latter then I don't understand why you come into the thread if your just gonna get wound up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToonAssassin View Post
    trolling, stealth trolling and fanboy calling is the issue, not comparring systems/games to each other/thread
    I totally agree.

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