Hi folks,

just bought a 3D TV. I was wondering, you know with 3D bluerays and 3D games, the PS3 tells the TV that the following thing is 3D and the TV automatically switches to 3D mode.

I have a few 3D shorts in mp4 files (side-by-side). When I play them, they show up side-by-side and I have to tell my TV manually that this is 3D.

I would like to convert those shorts a different format, so that when I start them up, the PS3 would automatically recognize that this format is a 3D format, tell it to the TV which would then automatically switch to 3D mode.

Question 1: is this possible?
Question 2: what file format do I need to convert my stuff to
Question 3: any hints which software could do this on OS X?