Just in time for holidays comes the adult video app on the PS3! Do you think many PS3 owners will try it? Yes, it's pr0n, and it's everywhere, but this is the first PS3 app I've seen. Not sure how I feel about it, but I'm def not against it, especially because the adult industry used to be considered gross and only for gross old men.... and like the video game business it's pretty massive.


If thereís one thing missing on the PlayStation 3, itís an adult video app. Or, thatís at least what SugarDVD believes. The companyís new unlimited TV streaming service plugs that lack-of-adult-video-content hole on the PlayStation 3. SugarDVD fill the gap in PS3 adult entertainment via its streaming service, which is also available on Roku, Boxee, and Google TV.

The press release below says you can instantly stream hundreds of full-length adult movies with the service, leaving us wondering if anyone will actually leave the house now they can play with Nathan Drake one minute, and then hunt for their favorite glossy treasure in the adult video service--actually, maybe itís the other way around. Think of it as the natural progression of Netflix or GamFly, but instead of movies or games on demand and in the mailbox, you can stream and rent adult videos for $9.95 a month. So, whoís going to bite? (Note that the links below are 18+)

Check out the full press release below:

SugarDVD's Unlimited TV Streaming Now On Playstation 3 & Roku

Los Angeles, CA

December 1, 2011

SugarDVD.com has just opened up their unlimited TV streaming service to all Playstation 3 users. Now anyone with a Roku, Boxee, Playstation 3, or a Google TV device can instantly stream hundreds of full-length adult
movies to their TV using SugarDVD's service.

To use the app, customers log into their SugarDVD account using their PS3 and go to the TV streaming page. From there they can scroll through a list of hundreds of full length adult movies sorted by categories like Couples, All Girl, and College. The app requires no downloading or discs, giving new users instant access to an expanding library of titles. Customers can also use the web browser on PS3 to buy movies and update their account information on the site.

SugarDVD now supports more TV streaming platforms than any other online adult company. The unlimited TV service is included with all DVD rental plans for no additional cost. For $9.95 a month, a customer can stream as many movies as they want, as often as they want, and rent one DVD by mail at a time. A 10-day free trial is currently available for new customers.

"Gamers can now have their cake and eat it too on the PS3! We believe we are hitting the nail on the head so to speak by offering TV streaming through the PS3 with no discs or downloads,Ē said spokesperson Rebecca Bolen.