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For me:

Game of the Year: Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception. Just when you thought Naughty Dog couldn't possibly raise a higher bar of standards that they previously set with UC2, they prove once again with UC3 that they are THE premiere PS3 development studio.

PS3 Exclusive: What else but Uncharted 3!

Action Adventure: Uncharted 3 (Infamous 2 deserves an honorable mention. a marvelous sequel that improves on every aspect of the original. User Generated Content FTW!)

Role Playing Game: Not my genre, but i'll pick Deus Ex

Racing: Motorstorm apocalypse

Sports: MLB 2011: The Show

Shooter: Resistance 3 (Best FPS single player campaign of the year by a country mile)

Puzzle/Platform: Little Big Planet 2

PSP: Patapon 3 (have a love/hate relationship with that game)

PSN Game: Pixeljunk Shooter 2 (Absolutely love the game soundtrack. Infamous: Festival of Blood is a close 2nd. That is how you do dlc)

Best Fighter: Mortal Kombat
Glad someone else gave The Show some love. Best sport franchise out imo.